Oh Crap, People Are Reading This Website?

January 9, 2022 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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When we first launched Bunny Ears, the last thing on our minds was that people might be reading this website. And yet it has come to our attention that not only are people reading Bunny Ears, they are following our advice. This is disturbing beyond our wildest nightmares. The things that we have advised people to do to their colons alone begs belief.

We certainly never anticipated that creating and promoting a website would cause people to read that website. And, in our defense, no one ever informed us that making a claim might cause someone to act on that claim. The thought that our actions could have consequences—that writing down explicit advice— could lead to people following that advice, was simply inconceivable to us. We just thought we were writing a blog, history’s most primitive and useless form of expression.

And who even believes what they read on the internet?

Criticism of our publication has been rather fascinating. Yes, we told people to perform specific acts in order to improve their lives in innumerable ways. But who could blame us for assuming that no one really wants to better themselves? Heck, do you think that we’re following all of the diets and exercise plans that we post? Of course not. We spend most nights eating pizza until we pass out watching Twitch.

But we see no need to dwell on and potentially learn from the past when we can instead look towards the future. Bunny Ears is pleased to announce our new pop culture coverage, which brings you the finest reportage of video games, comic books, professional wrestling, and much, much more. Make no mistake: We will still continue to dispense medical advice that absolutely no one should follow under any circumstances despite the fact that we will sincerely urge you to do so. But we’re excited to expand our brand into exciting new and less lawsuit prone directions.

Because who on Earth could possibly get mad about a subject as trivial as video games?


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  1. I’ve been posting links to this site as evidence to support my arguments when I argue with people online and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

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