Happy New Years! Here’s All The Celebrity Dogs That Died In 2019

May 10, 2022 by , featured in Pop Culture
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Among everything that wowed us in films and television this year (and there was a lot!), arguably none brought us more joy than our magnificent four-legged friends. So let’s take a moment to honor all the celebrity dogs that died in 2019!

10. Kuma, aka Dog with a Blog

Kuma, the OG dog on The Disney Channel’s Dog with a Blog, died this year at the age of 16. You will be missed, Kuma.

9. Ultra


Ultra appeared in the Golden Globe-nominated Let It Be Tonight, dying shortly before the film’s nomination was announced. 

8. Charlie, the “Dog Who Fell to Earth”


Charlie was launched into space by Peter Thiel’s island nation in late 2018. He had supplies to last him six years, but a collision with Tesla’s orbiting death-cannons sent Charlie’s shuttle hurtling to Earth in late November.

7. Bulsworth Fallfurn


Everyone’s favorite capitalist dog, the first multimillionaire pug, Bulsworth Fallfurn the II, died after a long battle with heart disease.

6. Duck the Dog

Duck, who was best know for his work in a variety of NBC sitcoms, disappeared into the woods in August 2019, leaving a note that simply said, “Don’t look for me.”

5. Elexa Van Yph


Winner of 18 international pageants, Elexa Van Yph’s was known for her tremendous contributions to international humanitarianism. She died choking on a strip of bacon.

4. Dog of a Thousand Barks


Looked upon as one of the most reliable voice over dogs in the biz (he had a talent for barking in any language), Chuck’s barks can be heard in the Fast and Furious franchise, We Bare Bears, and Beaches 2.

3. The Internet’s Dog

Rex, the dog who could count, recite Shakespeare, and dance the Macarena, captured our hearts before being revealed as a deepfake by an alt-right hacker hoping to influence the 2020 election. Even though he was never real, we’ll miss him all the same. 

2. The 7 (A Dog’s Purpose 3)

Before the joint FDA/PETA/ACLU lawsuit that shut down production for thirteen days, the Oscar-rumored film killed three dogs in pre-production and four on the first day of shooting. 

1. My Dog



Let us know if there’s any celebrity dogs that died in 2019 that we missed.

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