Your Beanie Babies Ranked By Their Self-Worth

February 25, 2022 by , featured in Pop Culture
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The past two decades have been extremely painful for many of us Beanie-heads. Mainstream culture has all but dismissed Beanie Babies as a “fad,” claiming that these colorful little treasures have no value. However, we’d argue that Beanie Babies are still very valuable. We just measure “value” in new, more evolved and enlightened ways these days. Which is why we’re officially ranking your Beanie Babies based on their worth—their self-worth.

5. Ally The Alligator


Real worth comes from how much you value yourself, and Ally practices self-love, so her worth is extremely high! She loves her dry wit, her sassy but heartfelt mommy blog, and how she makes everyone around her feel safe and at ease. Ally, like everyone, has intrinsic value.

4. Bones The Dog

He might be a dog, but Bones doesn’t subscribe to the societal construct that he’s either a “good boy” or a “bad boy.” He’s simply a boy, and doesn’t place a value on that. This kind of self-worth has been a journey, and we’re grateful for his growth (but even if Bones didn’t value himself, we would still value him greatly). Bones, like everyone, has intrinsic value.

3. Chocolate The Moose


She used to be extremely self-conscious about her orange antlers, but after years of practice in transcendental meditation, daily sound baths, and a handful of solo backpacking trips, she’s grown to fully accept herself. Chocolate, like everyone, has intrinsic value.

2. Inky The Octopus

Inky is a single father, supporting seven kids on his own. Thankfully, he’s succeeded in making a sad home feel happy again, and the smiles on his kids’ faces is all the worth he’ll ever need. Inky also owns his own social media consulting business. Inky, like everyone, has intrinsic value.

1. Legs The Frog


Limiting someone to a single physical trait can be extremely damaging, but Legs has taken it in stride. After a long bout with depression, Legs took ownership of his identity and changed his name to “Jean-Luc.” He no longer identifies with the story on his Ty tag, and makes a decision every morning to bet on himself and live the life he creates. Legs, like everyone, has intrinsic value.

Thanks to the power of positive thinking, self-love, and light, the worth of our Beanie Babies is higher than ever. Please share this with a fellow Beanie-head who might need a day brightener, and let us know the value of your favorite Beanies in the comments section below!

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  1. I own 300 BEANIE BABIES. I was the store manager of a Beanie Baby headquarters in the 90’s. I’ve sold thousands of dollars worth.My daughter sold 15 for $4,000.00. Who needs a Princess Di?? I have 5

  2. I probably have 100 beanies. 2 Princess Dianas in containers and 1 Jerry Garcia are my prized possessions. Sold a Jerry years ago.

  3. I love my beanie’s I have about 600 and I love them ,there bring smile and feel like a kid again there priceless.

  4. I have almost 400 beanie babies and beanie Boos and the treasure in the attic collection. I’m trying to find out their value, i have whole McDonald’s set’s and more.

  5. Hi….. anyone there:I have a good colection of beanie babies at home, I wonder if someone knows a place where they could tell me how much is worth…I what to sell them but I really don’t know where. live in southern California,I would really appreciate.thanks

  6. I live in Canton Ohio I have various Beanie Babies with the tag they have several errors I would like to know where to sell them can someone please tell me and I like to know the value of them

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