The Most Romantic, Out-Of-The-Way Chain Restaurants for Having Your Affair

March 18, 2019 by
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Having an affair is not without risks. Even if your side piece is more attractive than your spouse, you can’t risk showing them off somewhere nice, but you can’t upset your other significant other by not taking them anywhere. Fortunately, there are out-of-the-way chain restaurants to solve all your problems. Trick your affair into thinking you’re showing them a good time with these dimly lit, semi-ambient chain restaurants.

The Olive Garden Just Off The 210

Italian food is inherently fancy, which makes this Olive Garden off the freeway an excellent choice. Show The au pair you’ve been banging the unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks option on Olive Garden’s menu, and she’ll stop complaining that the only time you show any interest in her is when the kids are at school. The extra-long car ride home is guaranteed to be a good one.

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The California Pizza Kitchen Near The Glendale Galleria

There’s no way your spouse is going to stop by C.P.K. for a flatbread pizza; they’re doing paleo this week. Plus, the drinks have free refills. It’s a win-win-win.

The BJ’s Restaurant And Brewery On 1st Street

If you’ve been sneaking around with the same person for a year and they’re begging you to go somewhere nice for your “anniversary,” BJ’s is the way to go. The person you’re simultaneously trying to keep secret and impress will fall in love with you all over again at this chain microbrewery. Bonus: The name of the restaurant might plant some thoughts in your date’s head.

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The Hard Rock Café In Orlando, Florida

If your side piece is begging you to take them on vacation, they’ll be thrilled to go to the place where Steven Tyler’s guitar pick is on display. What they don’t know, gorgeous dummy that they are, is that nobody of note vacations in Orlando, Florida. That means you can enjoy your double bacon cheeseburger knowing the only people who will know about your affair will be a group of German tourists.

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The P.F. Chang’s Inside Stoneridge Mall

Nothing says “I don’t want to lose you, but I also don’t want to lose my marriage” like vaguely Asian pot stickers. The only person you might run into in this casual dining facility is Linda, your son’s best friend’s mom. Linda’s not going to tell. You took her to that same P.F. Chang’s four years ago.

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