Mack Talks To Comedian Michael Swaim On This Week’s Podcast

October 9, 2019 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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On this week’s episode of the Bunny Ears podcast, host Macaulay Culkin talks to Michael Swaim, a comedian who many of you may know from his days at The pair have a delightful conversation in Mack’s back yard (which is basically our version of “the studio” at this point).

Mack and Michael kick things off by talking about how weird it is that kids today have no idea what floppy discs are, as well as note that their five-year age gap (Mack is 39, Mike is 34) makes all the difference in terms of their respective childhood pop culture references. Mack talks about his birthday plans for the big 4-0 (hint: he’s not a big birthday guy) and reveals that he mostly feels his age in “his digestive track” (gross?).

The guys discuss whether or not they’re going to see the new Joker movie and whether doing so constitutes a “political statement.” Michael admits that he hasn’t read many comics but knows basically everything he needs to know about them “from Wikipedia.” They then do a deep dive into Michael’s current favorite video games (one of them involves playing as an insurance company employee … no joke).

They also talk weed, how the movie Clue would make for a great Broadway show, and round it all out by talking about how orgies are usually really disappointing.

If you want more Michael Swaim, check out his comedy and podcasting over on the Small Beans Patreon page, and he’s on Twitter at @SWAIM_CORP.  Meanwhile, you can get more Mr. Macaulay Culkin on Instagram here, Twitter here, and you can subscribe to his YouTube channel (where he posts a wealth of hilarious content) here.

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