Mack And Stew Talk TV Crossovers, Spin-Offs, And Stew Watches Webster

November 10, 2021 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Settle in with a blanket and hot bowl of broth because Mack is about to make some stew with Stew … well, not really. But they’ll talk about it! Just like they’ll talk about their favorite (and not so favorite) crossovers and spin-offs.

Mack and Stew talk about the weather and how nice it is to be in New York while it’s snowing. But also, you know, how dangerous and slippery it is to be in New York in the snow. Mack is still hurting from his plane ride because jet lag is terrible and he is an old man. Then the boys try to one-up each other with their knowledge of obscure, random, and totally weird crossovers. (Stew wins, but Mack comes in a close second. Which would really be something if there were more than two people on the podcast.)

Mack defends the poor cast of That ’80s Show, noting they were just a bunch of crazy, mixed-up kids that clearly hated their own show but also probably were excited to finally hit the big(?) time. And Mack introduces Stew to the wild, wild word of Webster and Star Trek. Yeah, that’s a thing.

Peep these clips from some of the discussed crossovers and spin-offs below:

Mork Meets The Fonz And Laverne:

Frasier’s First Time On Cheers:

Better Call Saul: ‘Mike Meets Gus Fring’:

St. Elsewhere‘s Snow Globe Ending:

Newhart‘s Waking Up Finale:

Webster‘s Star Trek Crossover:

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  1. Mack you should do stand- up. Just for fun to see the out come of it. It has to be in NYC, so I can go

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