You Need This Sweat-Proof Makeup ASAP Because They’re Coming For You

January 22, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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Wow! This new sweat-proof makeup we discovered is amazing. It’s called They Know. You should really get some. Like, right now. Because you’re going to need it with all of the running you’ll be doing. That’s right. You know what you did. So hurry up and buy this makeup!

Looking flawless as your run for your life is so important. You never know when you’ll get discovered. Marilyn Monroe was working in an ammunition factory when she got scouted. Maybe someone will discover you while you’re running to save your life. So get that makeup real fast and then get going because oh boy do you not want to get caught.

I wish I could recommend a good waterproof mascara for you as well. I know you’ll probably be crying as you run, and that’s going to be a real issue. No one looks good with mascara running down their face as they flee in terror.

There are a lot of sweat-proof makeup lines out there, but They Know is specially formulated for those who are fleeing because they’ve been caught doing that terrible thing that you did. I bet your regular makeup can’t promise that, right?

They Know even comes in perfect travel size tubes so you can apply it while you’re actively on the move. The easy-open tubes are perfect for applying in a gas station bathroom while simultaneously dying your hair. The packaging is even biodegradable, so in a mere four hours there will be zero trace of you left for them to find!

Worried about what running at a full sprint for several hours a day will do to your complexion? Well don’t! Trust me, you’ve got waaaaay bigger things to worry about. Plus, They Know is lightweight, so when you do eventually stop running you won’t have to worry about pesky breakouts. Of course, we both know that you’ll never be able to stop. You’ll be running until the day you die.

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