We Contacted Marilyn Monroe’s Ghost, And TBH She Was Kind Of A Drag

September 18, 2022 by , featured in Health
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It’s an age-old question: If you could have dinner with any famous person, living or dead, who would it be? For a lot of women living that #blessed Hollywood lifestyle, the answer is obviously Marilyn Monroe. Not only was she talented, intelligent, and troubled, she probably has some bomb makeup tips. Well, for those of us lucky enough to possess a deep connection to the spirit world and also some herbs purchased from a shady-looking guy on the boardwalk, hangin’ with NorJay can be more than a fantasy. In fact, it can be somewhat less than a fantasy. I recently spent an evening with Marilyn Monroe’s ghost, and I gotta tell you, she was a real drag.

Even dead celebrities need their privacy, so I won’t tell you how to contact the spirit of Marilyn Monroe, but right off the bat, she was super eager to talk. Like, a little pathetically so. I’m flattered and everything, and I never thought I’d say this, but be cool, Marilyn Monroe. The problem was she could only communicate in fragments, and at first, it was just letters. She kept saying “A…C… I… A…C…I…A…C…. ” I guess she’s really into acai, which makes sense; she was such a trendsetter.

I seized on the opening to discuss diet, fitness, and beauty with the most beautiful woman in the world. How did she manage to keep her hair gold but never brassy? Exactly how do you get an ass like that with a waist like that? “Murder,” she responded. Was … that a joke? I pressed on. Real talk, was the beauty mark fake or what? “Cover-up,” she said. Now we’re getting somewhere! What about cover-up, I asked her, and by the way, we call it concealer now. “Coroner,” she insisted. No, no, no, con-ceal-er, I told her. Then she was back to the letters, “I… A…C…I…A…. ” I was clearly getting nowhere with this line of questioning.

I tried a different tack. What was JFK like in bed? She really responded to that one, I could feel it in her energy, but all she would say was “secrets.” Like, okay, I don’t see the harm in a little locker room talk when all parties are long dead, but fine, don’t kiss and tell. What about DiMaggio? Did he hit it as well as he hit it? “Murder,” she said again. Maybe a few dudes told her she was funny during her life, but I really don’t get it. At this point, she had the audacity to start getting frustrated with me. “Murder,” she said again, as well as “exhume,” “needle,” and “toenail.” It might seem redundant to say that a ghost was being creepy, but man, she was into some freaky shit.

I was pretty done with her by then, but she wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote down the name and location of a bank and a series of numbers. I have no idea what it means — probably just the ramblings of a tortured soul — but at least it made her go away. Honestly, what a needy bitch.

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  1. You need to do your research because she didn’t commit suicide you should have listened honestly who gives a fuck about her makeup n how the sex was with people who are now dead… Like this has to be a joke this whole article because during her autopsy report barbiturates were not found in her intestinal lining meaning she didn’t OD either the mob or JFK secretly sent someone in and injected her she was murdered… like damn put one and one together and have some respect for the dead lady n ur a mom?? Man if my kids were to talk about deceased like that lol like stay away from my funeral

  2. She was murdered and she was trying to tell you that. My husband, New York Times Best Selling Author, Richard Buskin and his co-author, Jay Margolis, wrote a best selling book about it. Jay did extensive, detailed research and interviews of people still alive that were witnesses involved in her death at the time. The title of the book is,’The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed’. It’s available on Amazon or you can listen to it on YouTube. It will definitely clarify some of the clues you were given.

  3. Not a proper medium – only got a couple of words and had not the intelligence to work out what the poor woman had meant.

    psychic medium – clairvoyance. ( A CIA MURDER – INJECTION – .) Exhume BODY CHECK UNDER TOENAIL FOR EVIDENCE OF WHAT THE INJECTION CONTAINED or Markings – they shaved her hair off at autopsy so no DNA there. TOENAIL???


    I know the medium is not psychic but listen?

  4. You’re an ass, Marilyn had every right to get annoyed with your ignorance, she and JFK were never together, they were just rumours and tomorrow is Marilyn’s birthday, this website is a massive joke, honestly, research before creating this page, and watch the above life channel and maybe you’ll learn Marilyn isn’t a needy bitch

  5. Everybody knows by now she is murdered by her coroner with a needle and it was covered up!

    Pretty stupid to call her a needy bitch while you are wrongly informed and not updated!

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