Our Take On Israel/Palestine Because For Some Reason You Keep Asking

September 26, 2021 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Bunny Ears has long maintained that, in order to be one with the world, one must understand the issues of the day. Your spiritual wellness can be better appreciated if you understand what is making other people unwell. Materialistic problems quickly fade into the background once you recognize, acknowledge, empathize with, and do your part to help change the suffering faced by less fortunate people all around the world. Keeping up with world events is a virtue, and not letting them affect your mental health is an important aspect of self-care.

However, please note that this policy does not make us experts and it’s really weird that readers keep demanding to know our stance on Israel and Palestine. We always try to give our fans what they want, and thus we call upon the leaders of both sides to continue to work towards peace, but we also call upon the people of the internet to not get mad at us if we don’t share your views, because we are a lifestyle site. Please continue to primarily read about crystals and yoga instead of expressing rage if we do not share your precise view on this immeasurably nuanced and tangled affair.


Bunny Ears is a staunch supporter of human rights. We support every human being’s right to live in peace, practice their religious beliefs, and enjoy uninterrupted access to fundamental necessities like clean water and electricity. However, we mostly just post healthy recipes and decorating tips, so maybe don’t consider us an important, authoritative voice on this? We just think it would be nice if everyone got along better, please don’t stop reading us because our thoughts on the Camp David Accords or Menachem Begin don’t precisely align with yours.

If you would like to know more about the plight of the countless Palestinian and Israeli people who are working towards a just and lasting peace, there are many far-more qualified people who could direct you towards the endless hours of reading and study that would provide the centuries’ worth of political, cultural, historical and theological context required to form a truly educated opinion on this issue. We’d honestly really just like to get back to writing progressive sex and dating tips without having to worry if we’ve accidentally created an angry, boycott minded mob incapable of appreciating the fact that we exist to try to help people relax so we can sell them t-shirts.


So, just for the record that people seem to want for some reason, Bunny Ears supports the two state solution, unless something has come up recently that we don’t know about which makes that process offensive, in which case we just think that whatever you have in mind is probably fine so long as it isn’t hateful. We aren’t always able to keep up on relevant regional developments, because again to emphasize we are a lifestyle and wellness publication whose stance on geopolitical issues should not influence your own opinions and decision making and are certainly not worth getting angry about when they are reluctantly dragged into the light of day.

We hope that clarifies our stance. As we look towards the future we hope that both sides find peace and happiness, that we continue to offer our fans stress busting tips, and that people do not hold the creators they love to unreasonably high standards of knowledge and expertise, then grow angry when those standards inevitably fail to be met. Thank you, and please continue to read Bunny Ears throughout the week, because we’ll be bringing you both some hot seasonal fashion tips, and also our thoughts on fracking because that’s been the majority of what our Facebook comments have been asking about recently for some reason!


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