This Mother’s Day Give Your Mom The Gift Of Planning Mother’s Day

December 13, 2021 by , featured in Lifestyle
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She’s always been there for you, good times and bad, happy or sad. Whether it was a skinned knee or some imaginary tea, no one cared more than good ole’ mom. So this year, why not give her the Mother’s Day of her dreams by having her plan the whole thing?

Who could do a better job celebrating all she’s done for you than her? Remember last Father’s Day, when you blanked, and your Mother just put your name on a gift she’d picked up? Well, this is like that, but even better. This time the gift she’ll be buying is for herself, so you know she’ll love it.

Look, we know a lot of mothers will wake up May 13th to primping and pampering from their progeny, but will they really like it? What’s the good of breakfast in bed, when you have no idea where she even keeps the cereal? And, sure, some mothers might be getting flowers or a box of chocolates, but which grocery store sells flowers, and does she even eat chocolate? Who knows? Maybe your father, but he’s watching TV right now and doesn’t want to be bothered.

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Just stop for a moment, and imagine the day she could plan for herself. First, she’ll wake up early and make her favorite breakfast, just the way Mom likes it. Then, once everyone else wakes up, it’s a morning of fun with the family. Don’t worry if you already have plans. She’ll be grateful if anyone shows up.

And then, of course, she’ll get right back in that kitchen for lunch. Yum, yum, another delicious meal by the best cook in your family. After your mother has finished the dishes, it’s time for an afternoon of relaxation, doing her favorite weekend activities, like folding laundry and running errands.

Dirty Dishes

And then, assuming she remembered to make reservations somewhere, it’ll be time for a delicious dinner. If she’s really lucky, she’ll have even picked up a gift or two, to give herself over dessert. Maybe a toothbrush, or a magazine from the CVS checkout counter. Whatever she’s into. Then Mom will pay the bill, and get home early, because she has work in the morning, and still needs to finish folding that laundry. The perfect day!  

So, don’t let her down by picking out the wrong gift. Instead, pick the one person you trust to give her the day of her dreams. She’s done everything else in your life. Let’s throw planning Mother’s Day one on the heap, too.

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