Remember Gushers? We Found Out Which Bodily Fluid Was In Them

October 10, 2022 by , featured in Food and Recipes
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Back when we were kids, we all knew the thick, sweet liquid inside every Gushers fruit snack was some kind of human bodily fluid (except for Tricia, who insisted it was just corn syrup. Like that makes any sense). However, we never knew which bodily fluid. Well, it’s time to celebrate, because we finally found out!

It’s Not What You Think

The most common assumption was that Gushers’ were filled with the mucus that lines the average human colon. The next most popular hypothesis was that it was the yellow-ish goo that seeps out of infected ingrown toenails. It had a similar texture, and the fruit flavors of the Gushers would be enough to hide the game-y taste of that particular foot juice. This is what we thought—but we could never prove it.

Mystery Solved

Theories aside, it turns out the liquid pumped into these tasty snacks is actually the pancreatic secretion of diabetic senior citizens! Their inability to regulate sugar in the blood is what made these so satisfyingly saccharine.

Now, you’re probably asking, “How did this information only just come to light now?” Simple: We read the ingredients. In fact, it’s how we uncovered a highly disturbing truth: Gushers never actually used real fruit! They used … artificial ingredients.

We’ll give you a moment to finish vomiting up your stomach bile (which happens to have been our third-most popular guess growing up). Our childhoods are officially ruined.

Images: Pexels/Target

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