You’ll Never Guess What Happens When The Fiend Chooses The Heal Glove

May 5, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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WWE’s latest supernatural wrestler “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt is known for two things: Carrying around a lantern that looks a lot like his own severed head, and also wearing a set of gloves with one glove labeled “hurt” and the other labeled “heal.”

We’ve all seen The Fiend choose to use his “hurt” glove, which usually results in him applying the mandible claw to an unsuspecting victim. But what happens if he chooses the “heal” glove? After undergoing extensive Fiend-related research, we’ve come to five potential conclusions.

1. The Fiend Gives You a Crisp One Dollar Bill

If The Fiend chooses this “heal” option, he will promptly pull his black leather chain wallet out of his pocket and hand you a brand new one dollar bill, which he will place in your hand before winking at you and then disappearing into the night. It’s creepy, but also, who’s gonna say no to a fresh-smelling dollar?

2. He’ll Pat You on the Head as If to Say “Oh, You Scamp”

In this potential outcome, The Fiend will place his “heal” hand on your head and tussle your hair like you’re a character from Oliver Twist. He won’t actually say the phrase “Oh, you scamp” but it will be strongly implied.

3. After Going through a Hard Breakup, He’ll Come Over to Your House and Talk to You for a Few Hours about How the Breakup Was Your Ex’s Fault

If you just went through a tough breakup and The Fiend chooses the “heal” glove, he will almost surely stop by your home and just let you vent about your ex for as long as you need, and then at the end he’ll tell you, “You were in the right in this. They made a BIG mistake.” The next morning, he’ll send you a “check in” text to make sure you’re doing okay. You’ll really appreciate it.

4. He’ll Help You Move and Then Never Bring It Up Again

If you’re in the process of moving when The Fiend chooses his “heal” glove, he’ll offer to help. After spending a full day helping you move your couch, bed frame, and all of your boxes of books, The Fiend will sit with you in your empty old place while you talk about all of the memories you had there. As an added bonus, he will never mention helping you move as a means to make you feel bad for missing his baby shower.

5. He’ll Give You the Mandible Claw, but While Doing It He’ll Ask You If You Got a New Haircut in a Way That Makes It Seem Like He Definitely Likes the Haircut

There’s a chance that if The Fiend chooses the “heal” glove, he might still give you a big old mandible claw. However, after he suffocates you he’ll say, “Hey, is that a new haircut?” in a way that makes you think that he likes your new haircut a lot. “What a bro,” you’ll think to yourself as you fade into unconsciousness. “What a bro.”

Image: WWE

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