‘Daily Bugle’ Editor Demands TikTok Footage Of Spider-Man

April 16, 2022 by , featured in Comic Books
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Staff at The Daily Bugle are apparently in an uproar after a closed-door meeting called by Editor-in-Chief J. Jonah Jameson. Insiders indicate that while the meeting was supposed to be about new media policy for the paper, it quickly became about Jameson’s favorite target: Spider-Man.

“It started off business as usual,” said an unnamed source. “We were going over impressions and metrics from our mobile app, and then next thing I know he’s slamming his fists on the desk.”

While The Daily Bugle’s print circulation is down, the newspaper does see solid web traffic, mostly from male readers between 35 and 50 years old, according to internal reports. It seems, though, that Jameson would like to reach younger demographics, and his fixation with new media hinges on one app in particular.

“He kept screaming, ‘I need TikToks! TikToks of Spider-Man!’” said the source.

Another source, who also agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, said that Jameson is willing to pay $100 per post for TikTok footage of the alleged web-slinging menace, or $150 if Spider-Man is fully in frame. Jameson also reportedly railed against his photographers’ poor track record of capturing Spider-Man on film.

“I’ve got almost every photographer on payroll out there pounding the pavement,” he fumed. “You’re telling me not one of them can get me a 15-second video of Spider-Man at a crime scene dancing to ‘Smooth Criminal’? What do I even pay you people for?!”

The Bugle employs many photographers, and many don’t see eye-to-eye with Jameson on this. “It’s so much harder than it sounds,” one photographer said. “Realistically, how are we supposed to get video of Spider-Man doing the Harlem Shake when we were barely getting still photographs as it was? I get the need to modernize, but this is asking a lot.”

“It’s always ‘Spider-Man this, Spider-Man that'” she continued. “He keeps saying how Spidey’s a ‘webbed menace’ that needs to ‘go viral,’ but he won’t let us just re-post Spider-Man’s own Snapchat stories. I went to journalism school, goddammit.”

Image: Columbia Pictures

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