The Hottest Vacation Spots I Need To Write About For Tax Purposes

January 29, 2022 by , featured in Travel Guides
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It’s summer, and that means one thing: Vacations! But also, lofty expenses that any sane person would want to mitigate by whatever means possible. And guess what? It turns out if I write about the following vacation spots I went to for the purposes of this article (aka, my job), I can write them off as expenses. So let’s do this!

1. The Bahamas

You don’t really need me to tell you why you should go to the Bahamas, right? It’s the Bahamas. That’s why I went there, and you should go there, too, I guess. What do you want me to say? I drank a lot of tropical cocktails and swam with some dolphins. It was rad. Now it’s a rad deduction.

2. Disneyland

You probably don’t wanna go to Disneyland. Why would you? You’re an adult, and you’re probably not wealthy enough not to spend half of your day standing in lines. But I went there, and if I want those sweet tax breaks I have to tell you to go there, too. Oh, and I also popped over to Universal Studios. I have to tell you that so I can write off my sweet-ass Harry Potter wand.

3. Banff, Alberta

You might actually want to go to this little-known Canadian hot spot for ski bunnies and cozy mountain views. But to be honest, I kind of don’t want you to. You might ruin it. It has a Christmas store that’s open year-round, and I’m considering living there. Do you think I want you poking around, trying to buy all my elf friends? They’re not for sale. Stop touching my elf friends. But international airfare is expensive, so until I can start listing all my elf friends as dependents, I begrudgingly recommend it. Just don’t touch my elf friends.

There you have it! A few solid vacation spots that I had to write about for tax purposes. Now leave me the hell alone.

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