Weird Al And Macaulay Culkin: Live At The Largo

November 28, 2021 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Weird Alfred, better known as Weird Al, is famous for writing two children’s books and appearing in Spy Hard. But did you know he’s also had a music career that you might be familiar with? He’s performed numerous beloved parodies, countless more songs were once misattributed to him on LimeWire, but most importantly, he joined Mack onstage for a very special live episode of the Bunny Ears podcast.

Listen to Macaulay Culkin and Weird Al

Weird Al explains why Paul McCartney turned down his request to parody “Live and Let Die,” and other neat behind the scenes facts. We also discover that even a creator as eccentric as Weird Al has to put up with demands from corporate. Did you know studio executives forced him to begrudgingly include a half-assed Cyndi Lauper parody on an album the moment he made it big? Wild! Mack also discusses his time as the enfant terrible of weird parody music, when he defied the critics by boldly rhyming “mushrooms” with “mushrooms.”

But that’s not all they talk about

Over on the film side of Weird Al’s creative history, Mack talks about his love of the cult-classic comedy UHF or, as the Europeans say, The Vidiot From UHF. Mack’s love of UHF is so strong that he even prepares a Vegan Twinkie wiener sandwich (that’s a hot dog stuffed into a Twinkie, with Cheez Whiz on top of it, for you home cooks), and Weird Al sportingly pretends to sound enthusiastic about eating it. Mack and Weird Al compare their short-lived ‘90s TV shows, and Weird Al recalls the time he held O.J. Simpson at gunpoint, yet didn’t pull the trigger. And somehow that isn’t even the retrospectively weirdest person Weird Al has been on camera with.

It’s not all shop talk, as the two also discuss their mutual love of Hawaiian shirts, the garment for people who are accepting their age and want the world to know it. They also name countries, which is more entertaining than it sounds, and they discuss the controversy you’ve long been waiting to hear about on Bunny Ears: Weird Al’s relationship with Michael Jackson. All this and much more! Well, a moderate amount more. The podcast is only like an hour, we know you’re a busy person.

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  1. This was such a fun night, and absolutely was the highlight of my trip to LA. Seeing my two childhood heroes at once on stage! I’ll cherish this recording forever.

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