What Happened To That Bread Vendor In Aladdin? The (Chilling) True Story

February 19, 2022 by , featured in TV and Movies
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During a discussion of all-things Disney on the Bunny Ears podcast, host Macaulay Culkin revealed that he’s always wondered what happened to the bread vendor in Aladdin.You know, the one Aladdin stole that loaf of bread from before the guards chased him through the streets of Agrabah in a sing-a-long? Don’t remember him? That’s because Disney didn’t even have the decency to show his face. Well, we launched a full-scale investigation into finding out what happened to the man. What follows here is a story of heartbreak, revenge, and an inevitable collection of bread puns.

The Cover Up

The guards, embarrassed and ashamed after failing to capture Aladdin, took out their frustrations on the bread vendor by shutting down his stall. According to some lost records we found floating in a suitcase on Splash Mountain, the guards blamed him for “inciting crime through lack of attentiveness.” The vendor, desperate to make a steady income and feed his family, took to the streets to make some hard-earned dough. According to one anonymous Disney source, we actually see him during Prince Ali’s street parade …


… before this happens:

In desperate knead (ha), our down-and-out entrepreneur had no choice but to go against the grain and apply for an internship at Agrabah’s elite bakery chain, The Sultan’s Savories. He soon rose through the ranks and, according to our Disney whistleblower, was working alongside the Head Baker in less than a year. But greed overcame our embittered bread vendor, and he murdered the Head Baker by pushing him into a fire oven. Suspecting no foul play, the vendor was promoted to Head Baker, and when word spread of his incredible crusty creations, he was invited to the palace to meet the Sultan.

The Plot Thickens

By now, Jasmine’s father had died, and Aladdin was the new Sultan of Agrabah. According to our source—who now lives in our basement for fear of repercussion—Sultan Aladdin recognized the bread vendor from his days as a street rat and, remorseful, offered him the baker’s position in the palace kitchen. Our bread vendor accepted the job, but it wasn’t long before Aladdin was up to his stale tricks again. Every morning he would wake up before dawn, go down to the pantry, and steal the baker’s resting dough. He would then proceed to sing about it for the rest of the day, just to get a rise out of the baker.

Humiliated again, the broken baker baked a lamb pie filled with arsenic to be served to the Sultan. However, Rajah the tiger got hold of it first, and died a terrible death. Queen Jasmine died soon after from a broken heart, and Aladdin executed the baker by drowning him in a churning vat of dough.

To cover this all up, Disney created the direct-to-video sequel, The Return of Jafar. No one knows what happened to the bread vendor’s children.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures

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