Bunny Ears Live at Saved by the Max in West Hollywood, CA

December 8, 2021 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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It’s a terrifying journey into the past as our host wrenches us through time via some sort of sinister magic or perhaps an eon-bounding machine birthed from the flames of alchemy. How else could we possibly explain this live podcast at the ’90s-themed Saved By The Max pop-up eatery in West Hollywood? Gentle readers, when will we summon the bravery to finally rise up against the dark time wizard that is Macaulay Culkin? Joining him on this harrowing quest are the likes of Toria Sheffield, Stewart P. Miller from Columbus (Ohio), and Shawn DePasquale, all of them no doubt torn to shreds by the temporal distortion caused by the existence of this live performance. Folks, we’re dealing with some powerful shit. Who knows what consequences might be wrought by their blatant disregard for the laws of history? May they bring this shame to their graves.

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Aside from a lively game of Clockblockers, our wayward pioneers discuss such ’90s phenomena as Saved By The Bell, the legacy of SNICK, their favorite Power Rangers and Spice Girls, sitcom crossovers, and the many dangers of snap bracelets. They have a surprising volume to say about The Nanny, and ska is brought up a few times. Remember how ska was briefly a thing that happened? Remember when we thought it was okay to popularize swing music, and how—in front of God and everybody—we let a group of men call themselves the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies? What a strange time.

And oh, snap! Actor and magician Ed Alonzo is there, you guys! He briefly appears, presumably through a rift in time, to warn everyone that they “know not what they do,” for even if they don’t touch anything, their mere presence in the past could ripple through time and alter reality as we know it. We might find ourselves in a world where M.C. Hammer never became the forever president and Disney didn’t go on to make the beloved live-action Wild C.A.T.S. saga. Can you imagine? Wait, do you feel that? What’s wrong with my hands? WHY ARE MY HANDS DISAPPEAAA

Image: Saved By The Max


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