All The Champions Brock Lesnar Tried To Cash In On Before Seth Rollins

February 14, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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When Brock Lesnar won the Money in the Bank briefcase back in June 2019, WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Universal Champion Seth Rollins were put on notice. At any moment, Brock could cash in his contract and receive a championship match. However, if you dig into the language in the contract, you’ll know that Mr. Money in the Bank can cash in for any championship—it’s never stipulated that it must be WWE. So not only are the United States and Intercontinental championships in play, so, too, is every other championship currently held by anyone in the world. And don’t think Brock didn’t consider all his options. Here are the other champions Brock Lesnar thought about before he chose Seth Rollins.

1. Joey Chestnut, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Champion

Make no mistake, Brock Lesnar will one day be the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest champion, but he’s not going to cash in to do it. No, Brock wants to win that belt fair and square, by simply eating what is for him a regular meal in front of people.

2. Tucker Wilding, Boy Scouts of America Pinewood Derby Champion

Brock decided it wasn’t worth it to cash in on Tucker for a shot at a small trophy when he was already going to get a very cool Pinewood Derby t-shirt just for participating.

3. Nora Merkel, Iowa State Fair Queen

Being the Iowa State Fair Queen is a pretty good gig. You get your own booth to shake hands with other Iowans and also get to ride on a float and wave to people at the annual Corn Cob Parade. Brock decided not to cash in when he found out the parade had already happened.

5. Donald Trump, President (And Therefore Champion Of America)

Of course, Brock would’ve loved the prestige of holding the highest office in the land, but ultimately, he had to admit that he simply wouldn’t be able to get his unpopular and, quite frankly, byzantine income tax reform proposal through Congress.

6. Emile Faurie And Tryon, World Dressage Champions

A sport of class and prestige, dressage was the next sport Brock Lesnar looked to conquer after pro wrestling and MMA. However, he decided to hang on to his briefcase because no one could figure out if he’d have to pin the horse or the jockey.

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