Our NSFW Pokédex Shows Pokémon Mating Habits In Graphic Detail!

November 20, 2019 by , featured in Pop Culture
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We’ve spent years researching the bizarre and often repulsive ways Pokémon have sex and uploaded our findings into this state-of-the-art, NSFW Pokédex. That’s right! You can now get a detailed catalogue of the mating habits of every known Pokémon in one convenient and portable device.

Pokedex entry 521: “Umbreon.”

Additionally, using information gathered from the darkest and most depraved corners of the internet, our team of highly-skilled perverts have put together the most comprehensive and graphic encyclopedia on Pokémon ever created. Have you ever wanted to know how a Blastoise fucks? If Machamp really has four buttholes and penises? Well now, with a single click of a button, you can finally know. It also comes complete with detailed diagrams and recordings (described by users as “horrifying”).


While there’s plenty of information out there on how Pokémon hatch, there has been almost no research conducted on the sexual behavior or genitalia of different species. Many will be surprised to learn that, like humans, Pokémon mate for pleasure in addition to reproduction. Some varieties of Pokémon will even perform oral sex on one another, as seen in the below diagram. 


This NSFW Pokédex is available now in the U.S. and Canada (we are currently sold out in Asia). You must be at least 18 years or older to order.  And with the holidays right around the corner, this makes for a perfect stocking stuffer for that Pokémon aficionado in your life who’s always wanted to see what Charizard’s dick looks like.

Get your NSFW Pokédex today!

Images: Pexels

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