Use Your Club Penguin Skills To Crush It On Tinder

February 9, 2022 by , featured in Pop Culture
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If you’ve ever played Club Penguin, you’re basically a dating expert—even if you don’t even know it. Ever since you and Ratluvr11 started chatting about how much you hate long division, you were inseparable. Sadly, Ratluvr11 was your last encounter with dating, and you aren’t really sure how to do it IRL. That’s why we’re here to help you transition your Club Penguin skills to Tinder!

1. Choosing Photos

The first step to a great Tinder profile is a great Tinder profile picture. Before picking out an outfit you should ask yourself WWMPD: “What Would My Penguin Do?” Thusly, you should wear a helicopter hat, Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, and a Santa beard in every photo. Ratluvr11 was into it, so why wouldn’t a potential lover on Tinder also enjoy?


2. Writing the Perfect Bio

You’ll want to show off your cosmopolitan edge. You dazzled Ratluvr11 with your knowledge of Club Penguin Island, so consider something like, “Ideal first date: Hanging at a generic pizza parlor, then hitting up a night club with no alcohol. Finishing the night off by going to a light house that has random band equipment, and then topping off the night by trying to tip over an iceberg.”

3. Starting a Conversation

Remember, a huge component of your success on Club Penguin was the simplicity of the conversations. Start off with an easy “Hi. How old r u?” This will let your Tinder match know that you’re interested. Why else would you ask them that? If they don’t respond, then you can always hit them with the fool proof: “Do you like My Chemical Romance?” Slam dunk, every time.

Images: Anabel Kane, Genevieve Kane, Unsplash , Unsplash, Club Penguin Wiki

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