Everything We Know About ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’ Post-Credits Scene

May 6, 2022 by , featured in TV and Movies
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The wait is finally over. After over 40 years of wondering how the Star Wars saga will end, we now know (thanks to a special staff pre-screening). And we also know many of you superfans are currently wondering one thing: “Does Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker have a post-credits scene?” The answer is YES. J.J. Abrams and company weren’t  going to leave us without some breadcrumbs of what comes next …


The post-credits scene opens in the ruins an Imperial Fleet graveyard. We move over rows of fallen ships, and finally stop at what looks like a dead Stormtrooper. Everything is dark and gray. Ash falls like snowflakes. Suddenly, the trooper jolts awake.

He looks around at the destruction. Slowly pulling himself to his feet, the lone Stormtrooper walks around rows and rows of debris, looking for other survivors. There are none.

Realizing he is alone, the Stormtrooper begins to take off his helmet. We’re close on the helmet as it comes off, revealing who’s beneath: IT’S BABY YODA. That’s right, everyone’s favorite character from Disney+’s The Mandalorian is back, and he’s just slightly larger this time. Now he looks like Kindergarten or First Grade Yoda.

Suddenly, Baby Yoda hops out of the Stormtrooper uniform and three more Yoda-like creatures hop out after him. These are Baby Yoda’s siblings! One with long pigtails, one with a mohawk, and the last has sort of a goth look. The Yoda siblings seem extremely excited and start bouncing around, clearly enjoying the destruction.

As they continue to bounce, we see their eyes closing, like they’re using The Force. Baby Yoda levitates into the air, force-focused, and his three Yoda siblings begin levitating around him. After a few moments of spinning, a portal opens. Holy shit!

Out steps … Ronald Reagan. Not president Reagan, pre-politics Reagan, when he was just considered a fine American actor and had that cool cowboy spirit. He’s masterfully recreated using the same CGI technology from Rogue One. Suddenly, he runs over and hands Baby Yoda a locket and says, “We’re running out of time’—whatever that means? Also, this section is dubbed in Portuguese.

Another portal opens and a swarm of zombie Richard Nixons fight their way out. As they lunge at Reagan, he fights them off with a large machete and the screen cuts to black.

DAMN! Comment with what you think this could mean for the future of the Star Wars universe, U.S. politics, Disney+, and the streaming wars!

Image: Lucasfilm

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  1. Thanks. Wasted over 5 mins of my life. This earned an unsubscription from the YouTube channel which I happened to subscribe to recently.

      1. Just to be clear, what I meant was I wasted time sitting though the credits at the end of the movie, thanks to this article, which isn’t clear that it’s satire or creative writing before “major spoiler alert ahead”, so I wouldn’t have any contextual clues as to the nature of this article.

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