Episode 5 – Kevin Smith (Annotated)

September 2, 2022 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast, Podcasts
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The Guest: Kevin Smith

The Lowdown:

Continuing their conversation from the episode of SMODCAST they were on just a few minutes prior, Matt and Mack talk to Kevin Smith about really just about everything. Macaulay Culkin’s SNL episode featuring David Bowie, Mack’s famous neighbors.

Arthur, growing up Mack, comic book stores, and more. A new game! Arthur, growing up Mack, comic book stores, and more. A new game!

Devon Sawa, be on this podcast. They are calling you out.

And, of course, one amazing story that you will never hear.

When Mack hosted SNL, David Bowie was the musical guest, and the cast included people like Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, and all the greats. Mack almost tells his Prince story, and he doesn’t reveal it, as usual. Kevin talks about his old comic book store.

Matt Cohen talks about working at Forbidden Planet comics and Midtown comics in New York.

Everyone talks about their early jobs, including Kevin’s stint at a Dominoe’s and his Tim Burton story. Orson Welles wanted to do The Shadow as a film, before Citizen Kane, but he never acquired the rights.

Kevin acts Mack: are you friends with the kids you made through movies? Also, Mack can’t give you Anna Chlumsky’s phone number.

Mack talks about his first day of high school.

Who would win in a fight (or “if you could bring one of these performances to a deserted island”): Dr. Evil or Austin Powers?

“On the rocks” gets a new meaning! What’s the first movie that ever disappointed you?

The Highlights:

20:30 The My Girl Effect

01:03 – Bunny Ears The Game: DC/Marvel Characters

01:04:45 Brain Farts: Star Wars/Star Trek

01:10:45 – Kevin Smith on Bruce Willis’s Pop Culture References

01:12:02 – Cartoon Characters

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As always, check out all the previous episodes of The Bunny Ears Podcast here:


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