Living Off The Grid Is Super Healthy If You’re Already Lucky Enough To Be Healthy

September 17, 2022 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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I freed myself from the trappings of modernity to live amongst nature, and it was the healthiest decision I ever made. Here, in my simple cabin in the woods, the wilderness is my antidepressant, the herbs I grow are my medication, and my nagging cough is trivial compared to the majestic beauty that surrounds me daily. Here, without the so-called “conveniences” of civilization, I am happy living off the grid.

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it risky to eschew access to modern medicine? What happens if I break my arm or catch a cold? Don’t worry about me. I may not have electricity or running water, but between my herbs and my foraging I have access to every healthy natural cure that a young, able-bodied man lucky enough to have no pre-existing conditions and to have been born into a developed society that many people would sacrifice anything to gain access to before deciding to abandon it could possibly need. From minor headaches to mild stomach-upset, I can cure it all. I’ll admit that I haven’t been able to address a lingering pain in my side, but most days I’m too busy trout fishing to even notice it. Also, I got all of my vaccines updated before I trundled off into the wilderness to dig up an old stump and call it my nightstand.


So while “modern science” has supposedly given us all sorts of great innovations like ambulances, wheelchairs, antidepressants, dialysis machines, and the ability to feed billions of people, it’s also given us some things that are bad. Did you know that ambulances, for example, are made in factories? Out of parts that are also made in factories? Factories pollute, and pollution is bad. Do bears pollute? I didn’t think so. And while I’ve personally never needed to be rushed to the hospital to have my life saved, I do have this cough that I’m pretty sure is the fault of modern pollution. So are ambulances really worth it?

As for antidepressants, have you ever stopped to think about why you’re depressed instead of mindlessly popping pills to fix the problem? Bills, social media, fast food, wondering what to do with a life that won’t randomly be cut decades short by a cholera outbreak or the infection of a minor wound… all of that is weighing on your mind. If you lived like me, your life would be so much simpler. You’d eat homegrown fruit, read Thoreau under the stars, exercise by a pond, and never, ever develop any health problems. Can people who are clinging to their cars and credit cards eat fruit, read, or exercise? Exactly.


Of course, not everyone can live my simple lifestyle. Too many people are addicted to their mindless creature comforts, too many people are scared of change, and too many people claim they need pills to manage their “mental health” and their “chronic heart to which they’re genetically disposed.” Those people are simple-minded and incapable of seeing the big picture. They need to understand that we’re all mother Earth’s children, and that we’re all in the prime of our lives with no responsibilities. If everyone lived like I did, the world would undeniably be a better place for those who survived the transition.

So while you all waste your days away mindlessly getting caught up in petty arguments about what movies are better or what policies should shape the future of humanity, I’m finding true meaning in contemplating nature as I rely on myself for all things. After all, out here in this vast wilderness that was cleared of enough of its many forests and predators by our ancestors so that I can live comfortably and within easy access to coffee shops with internet access where I post my manifestos, there’s no one who can help me but me. And despite the fact that I occasionally cough up a few drops of blood, I am confident that I will forever be up to the challenge.

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  1. If you are really living off the grid, you don’t need planned exercise. The exercise plan for “off the grid” is called survival. Try it sometime. Its a great way to lose stress and weight. Also, you won’t be alone… God lived there first.

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