How To Boost Your Productivity And Enhance Your Vacation Days Using The French Republican Calendar

November 9, 2022 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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What a brave, new world we’re living in. Yes, politics are looking grimmer than ever. But tolerance is up overall. Shamers are being shamed. Freak flags are being flown higher than ever before. Even the new pope is pretty freaking rad. Most popes throughout history have been … let’s just say not quite so rad. So, why are still using that stuffy, outdated Gregorian calendar? Francis would be down with a change. Francis would be down with anything. With so much emphasis on equality and tolerance, there’s no better time to re-institute the French Republican calendar. And it just so happens, I’ve also been able to drastically increase my vacation time, due dates and overall productivity with this new system. But mostly this is about the equality thing.

Extra Vacay Time, Baby

French Republican Calendar

Thanks to the special holidays at the end of the year, I get a full six days off for no reason. Totally outside of my regular vacation time. It’s like if Christmas, the Fourth of July, and the season finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race all took place twice in the same week. And with ten days in a week, my earned vacations are longer than ever before. No more budgeting my time off around travel time … I’ve got three extra days for that! Staycays are just as convenient. With the extended week, I’ve been able to binge watch so many more of my favorite shows. I am more in the know than all of my friends and I love it. Spoiler alert! Nobody will ever be able to spoil the end of Nailed It! for you if you’ve seen it first.

Thank God It’s Nonidi

French Republican Calendar

OK, so there is one big downside to using the French Republican calendar: The work week is extended by a lot. With day ten being the only “resting day” in a ten-day week, I’m technically working more days out of the year than before I made the switch to the FRC. But this has also extended all of my deadlines by a minimum of four days, reducing stress and allowing me more time to play Coffee Tycoon online while waiting for my assistant to fetch me my triple shot chia seed mocha latte. And besides, those extra work days just let me build my earned vacation time even faster. No more waiting until halfway through the Fall to desperately attempt to use up my vacation time before the end of the year only to waste half of it because Megan refuses to roll over vacation days anymore. Eat it, Megan.

Bunny Ears Exclusive Tip: Line up your vacation with Sephora and Bath and Body Works’ semi-annual sales. You’re welcome.

Home In Time For Brunch

I highly recommend taking up Decimal Time along with the French Republican calendar. The ten-hour days take some getting used to. Noon is 5:00 PM? What the what? And the hours can drag sometimes. One hundred minutes feels a lot longer than sixty. But, again, think of how many 22-minute 2 Broke Girls episodes you could fit into that extended hour? And here’s the best part. You’re probably worried that a longer hour means more time at the office. Well, good news, friend. Sticking to the modern convention of spending 33.33 percent of the day at work, translated to a ten-hour day, that means I’m literally only working about three hours and fifteen minutes before I get to head home and finish building my Clash Of Clans base. The freedom I found adopting the French Republican system has been truly amazing. I am so proud of all of the wonderful things I have been able to accomplish.

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