Does Your Hair Hurt? Not Your Scalp, But Your Hair? What Did I Do?

December 31, 2021 by , featured in Health
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Scalp pain is a very real problem that can cause severe discomfort. But what about hair pain? I mean, like can your hair itself actually hurt? Mine hurts, and I’m writing this hoping that yours does, too. It would help me so much to know this was happening to at least one other person. So, like, physically, does your hair hurt?

To get specific, my hair pain makes it feel like someone is pouring hot acid on the tips of my hair. Not where my scalp is, but at the ends of the hairs themselves. According to the internet, this shouldn’t be happening. Hair is supposed to hurt at the roots—aka at the scalp—or not at all.

This isn’t what’s happening to me.

Your standard “Top 10 hair tips” article tells you a variety of supposedly-helpful hints on how to keep your hair healthy, but none of them did anything close to helping me. In fact, all of them made it much, much worse.

First, most places will tell you to follow a healthy diet. I tried this. I did everything I could. I basically eat an entire meal made of Biotin every single day. I eat nothing but yeast cultures and salmon. I drink a gallon of milk on the reg. I only eat animal livers and I gulp down egg yolks. Those are all Biotin-rich foods. I eat like The Rock, except that none of his hair hurts. Maybe that’s why he shaves it off? Or maybe he went through the same thing and that’s why he eats like this? Maybe?

Next, they tell you to “avoid excessive use of hair products.”

This is essentially like saying “please try not to blowtorch your face too often.” Next. Then, they tell you to “choose the right shampoo or conditioner for your hair type.” Well, all I can tolerate at this point is just constantly coating my hair in pure aloe and then applying a daily cold compress to my head, which is both expensive and time-consuming. They also tell you to not “brush or comb” your hair in “too forceful” a fashion. The last time I even attempted to brush or comb my hair I passed out from the pain and woke up on the bathroom floor over four hours later. NEXT.

Finally, they usually tell you to “protect your hair when swimming.”

I can honestly say that swimming in either chlorine or salt water at this point would basically feel like the equivalent of sticking my skull in a pot of boiling peanut oil. I’d say NEXT, but again, that was the last thing they suggested.

So please, if—like me—you once were desperately Googling, “does your hair hurt?” and you found a solution, can you pass it on?! Can you remember what you did? What did you do before this? What did you do that made it not hurt and then hurt?

I’ve done nothing to deserve this.

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