Fun Winter Hats To Cover The Spots Where Your Brain Soaks Through

April 10, 2022 by

You get up, you get dressed, and you head out the door to start your day ... only to realize that your brain has seeped through your skull just enough to ruin your outfit (and make a mess of your floors). We've all been there—and we also know this can be especially annoying during the cold winter months when your oozing brain gets exposed to snow, sleet, and below-zero temps. So try these fun winter hats to help cover the spots where your skull is slowly dissolving and your brain is soaking through. Because hats are definitely what you should be focussing on here!

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A wool cap. You’ll appreciate how hot it keeps your head—so hot that the brisk air can’t chill your brain.
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A floppy flat hat. This Midwestern classic keeps your ears warm and prevents your brain from icing over.
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A tall hat: This type of hat traps warm air and keeps your brain goo super cozy!
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A Santa hat: The red fabric effectively masks any blood/brain fluid leakage.
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A pillbox hat. This tight-fitting hat keeps everything in place—air can’t get in, and brain can’t get out.
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A hard hat. This basically does what your skull once did before it dissolved.
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An actual brain. A brain on your head creates a natural barrier against things like snow and sleet, keeping your actual brain safe.

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