Just Dance 2020 To Offer “I’ll Be Over At The Bar” DLC

March 29, 2022 by , featured in Video Games
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Ubisoft has officially announced the Just Dance 2020 song list, along with a brand new “I’ll Be Over at the Bar” DLC for older players who just aren’t in the mood to dance at the moment, but might be up for it later.

“We recognize that, sometimes, you just want to grab a drink, enjoy the music, and sit after a long work week,” says Ubisoft spokesperson Janice Weatherby. “We also didn’t want to neglect players who just aren’t as flexible as they used to be.”

“Look, I’m 32. I’m not old, but I can’t be tearing a hamstring on the dance floor, even a virtual one,” said longtime gamer and Just Dance fan Justin Petree. “This allows me to hang out with my younger friends and feel included without trying to keep up with them.”

“It lets me see my cousins Darcy and Emily strut their stuff while I can just relax on the couch and enjoy the tunes,” says 35-year-old Macy Kandasian (who is clearly 35 because she used the phrase “strut their stuff”).

“I’ll Be Over at the Bar” mode features several dance moves that can be done from a seated position, such as head nods, mindful swaying, and light toe-tapping, among several other non-committal grooves. Advanced “I’ll Be Over at the Bar” mode will include shoulder shimmies, bar stool butt-scooting, and calculating tips for the bartender in your head while raising the roof.

It should be noted that while players must provide their own drinks in the comfort of their own home, an NPC bartender will check in with you periodically and see if you want anything between songs. Be mindful of their ever-growing Bartender Annoyance Meter, as the game will shut down and kick you out for not ordering anything for too long.

The “I’ll Be Over at the Bar” DLC will cost $25.99 to download, the average cost of two beers at an actual dance club.

Images: Unsplash, Ubisoft

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