I Think I’m Done Going To Escape Rooms With Braun Strowman

May 4, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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Escape rooms are definitely one of my favorite things to do with my friends. It’s so much fun to solve puzzles in the hopes of escaping before the 60-minute time limit is up. But after my most recent experience, I think I’m finally done going to escape rooms with Braun Strowman.

Breaking Any Leg Lock—Or Desk Lock—is Easy When You’re a Monster

The last time me, Braun, and my friend Brian went to an escape room, Brian and I had literally just realized that the number of flowers in the four vases might be the combination to the lock on the desk drawer when Braun just ripped the lock off with his bare hands! I don’t know if putting in the number of flowers really was what we were supposed to do, but I’m pretty sure we weren’t supposed to rip the lock off.

Inside the desk drawer was a key, which we used to open a locked door at the end of the hall. We were making progress! Inside this next room, we found a painting of the room we were just in. And then Braun power-slammed the painting! I mean, yeah, obviously there was something up with it, but what was power-slamming it supposed to do?

No One Gets Up from Braun’s Finisher – Especially a Stupid Painting

As it turns out, the painting showed which of the lamps in the previous room we were supposed to turn off to make a panel open in the wall. Since we weren’t going to figure that out with the painting destroyed, one of the escape room employees had to come in and tell us what to do next.

Needless to say, the employee was power-slammed. I guess Braun didn’t want any help. I’m not going to lie, this part was pretty sweet, but it was not conducive to getting out of the escape room.

Braun Admittedly Breaks the Walls Down Way Better Than Y2J

And what happened next was the last straw—when we had just five minutes left, Braun literally ran through the wall! Like, he just ran through it. He made a giant mess and that poor employee is going to have to clean up once he regains consciousness, all so Braun could say he escaped. Once we were outside, the guy working the merch booth refused to give us the “I escaped!” key chains that you get if you escape, since we had a seven-foot-tall behemoth burst through the wall instead of solving the last—or technically even any—of the puzzles.

Of course, The Monster Among Men power-slammed the merch guy, but he didn’t stop there. He turned over the stand (which was crazy because it was not like a free-standing table. It was, like, built into the ground). Then, Braun picked up one of the key chains, looked at it longingly like he always does with the Universal Title, laid it on the chest of the downed merch guy, and then took out his phone to play his own entrance music. What a disaster.

Images: Pixabay/ WWE/Unsplash

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