La-Z-Boy To Sponsor Chairs Match At Upcoming ‘TLC’ Pay-Per-View

May 5, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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WWE has teamed up with a new sponsor for their upcoming PPV, Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. La-Z-Boy! That’s right. Longtime furniture supplier La-Z-Boy has agreed to sponsor a match at the event.

“We noticed a large portion of our customer base sits in our product to watch WWE at home,” says La-Z-Boy representative Chad Muddlesworth. “In fact, several of them have become repeat customers after their posteriors outgrew their initial purchase.”

Additionally, La-Z-Boy has provided a fleet of recliners that wrestlers can wield as weapons (should they be able to lift them), and a number of WWE Superstars are excited at the prospect.

“I find that typical folding chairs immediately bend upon impact whenever I want to internally bludgeon my opponent’s insides,” says Braun Strowman. “La-Z-Boy’s Murray Rocking Recliner is different. It provides the proper heft and durability for me to brutalize a spine multiple times without worrying about the chair breaking. I can’t wait to powerbomb someone so hard that the chair fully reclines upon impact.”

Other WWE Superstars aren’t as excited. “Most of La-Z-Boy’s products are heavier than me!” exclaimed 205 Live’s Lince Dorado. “I guess I can jump on one for leverage? I don’t know. Honestly, I hope I’m not in the match, especially against Erick Rowan or someone who could lift one of these.”

Dorado was later assured that if he were to be struck by a La-Z-Boy chair, the blow would be cushioned by the taut, plush, double-stitched padding available on all La-Z-Boy products. Also, the match would be on actual PPV and not the Kickoff Show, where 205 Live wrestlers like him forever live.

Should the sponsored match go well, La-Z-Boy will fully sponsor the event next year and WWE will move forward to rename the event TLC: “Trundle Beds, Loveseats, and Chairs.”

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