Mack Answers Your Dumb Questions: ‘Have You Ever Had A Major Premonition?’

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Hey, everyone. Macaulay Culkin here. I’ve managed to find a few spare moments in between recording my new spoken-word album and attaching sleds to different kinds of animals in preparation for my race around the world against Daniel Day Lewis to sit down and answer some of your fan mail. I know what you’re thinking—“He said he might possibly read some of our letters one day, and he kept his word!”

Today’s letter to me, Macaulay Culkin, comes from Daniel Mendel.

Daniel writes: “Hey Mack, What’s the wildest premonition you’ve ever had? How would you explain that sort of experience?”

Well Daniel, first of all, let me say thank you so much for your question. It’s not very often that people take the rare opportunity to speak with me and waste it on two sentences that in no way congratulate me on my power and success as both a Hollywood legend and a paragon of human enlightenment. You’re a brave soul, and that deserves recognition. (Remember, brave souls look their best while wearing a Bunny Ears™ t-shirt, so head on over to the store and get yours!)

Now, to answer your question, I have premonitions all of the time. As a spiritual being of light, it’s a near-daily occurrence. But by far the wildest vision I’ve ever had was while watching Blank Check at the Galleria in February of 1994. Full disclosure, I had been approached to star in the film, but I’d heard that the Tool Time kid had passed on it, and Macaulay Culkin doesn’t eat Tool Time’s table scraps. I also passed on Tom and Huck, because there’s only one Huck Finn, and that’s Elijah Wood.

Wildest Premonition

I had purchased every seat in the theater, so I was alone when plucky child hero Preston Waters accepts the titular blank check from the villainous Quigley (played by beloved character actor Miguel Ferrer, rest in paradise) to pay for his ruined bicycle, and that’s when I was struck by the most powerful premonition my metaphysical thought palace has ever experienced. I suddenly knew—with the same inarguable certainty that I know my iPhone X lock screen is a photograph of John Larroquette’s death scene in Richie Rich—that Preston was going to cash that check for way more than his bicycle was worth.

“He’s going to cash that check for way more than that bicycle is worth,” I said aloud.

And as those words echoed in the empty theater, I felt a tingling along my spine that I can only assume was the hand of the universe patting me on the back. And sure enough, Daniel Mendel, my premonition was correct—moments later, Preston strolls into the bank and cashes that blank check for one million dollars (which as you may know is enough for several bicycles). Realizing that the cosmos had already beamed all of the knowledge Blank Check had to offer directly into my mind, I stood up and walked out of the theater, and never looked back. Preston Waters had nothing left to teach me.

Once again, Daniel, I want to thank you for your question, as well as for allowing me to impart some of the cosmic truth I’ve gained during my time in this sphere of existence. Unfortunately, I have to go (sleds don’t attach themselves to emperor penguins), but I want you to know that I cherish the time we’ve spent here together talking about me.

Keep sending those letters, and I promise that I will sit down again and respond to exactly one of them just as soon as I find myself with literally nothing better to do.

Your friend,


Dictated into a waterproof Dictaphone while exploring a sunken galleon at the reins of an orca sled team. Transcribed by the great Tom Reimann.

Images: Pexels/Bunny Ears

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  1. Hey, loved the article. I have to admit, I would of been one of those guys that would of asked you those two annoying questions but after reading this, I had no idea how deep you are. Had no idea you were so much into the universe but for me personally, solitude has become my universe. Any way, I digress and im getting a little deep, I’m down to my last cone and I’ve got work tomorrow. Peace

  2. I might actually give a fuck about the winter Olympics if Emporer Penguin sled races were a thing

  3. So glad I get to hear more. I could of stumbled upon your reply at a better moment…very rad of you to consider me a friend.


  4. Why do you want to tell people they need to kill animals they are God’s creatures the same as us . You need to read the scriptures in the Bible about animal abuse and the killing of them. You must be a wicked and evil person

  5. Hey Mack , when you care less they care more . Keep the war against evil going please the good guys need you 💙

  6. Hey Mack,

    Thanks for the reply. I wonder if you could share a personal anecdote regarding Murphy’s Law?

    I’d ask this in the “Ask Mack” portion of your website but on this 365th day since my last question…I can’t seem to find it.

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