Summer’s Hottest Trend: Replacing Your Corneas With Buttons

January 3, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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Beauty can be blinding, and thanks to our favorite new fashion trend, you’ll be blind, too! Whether you have smoky green, luminous brown, or sky blue eyes, we’ve decided they just aren’t cutting it. And what are we replacing your corneas (aka your dull bleh human eyes) with, you ask? Something haute, something matte, and something just a little bit soulless: Buttons. That’s right. We’re giving you the runway look of an eerie doll with unblinking button eyes. Here are just a few of the hottest buttons to replace your corneas with!

The Basic Black Button

baby doll buttons

Basic black buttons-for-eyes are a classic and subtle way to enhance almost any aesthetic. People will know something is both different and horrifying about you, but they likely won’t be able to pinpoint it right off the bat.

Pastel Button Eyes

Keep it simple and coordinated with two matching, pastel buttons in your eye holes.

The Family Pack

family back of button eyes

Don’t hoard this look for yourself! Consider purchasing a friends-and-family deal when investing in this (permanent) procedure.

Branded Buttons

man with button eyes

You know what’s even better than replacing your corneas with sightless, plastic discs? Replacing your corneas with sightless, plastic discs that also show the world that you can—and did—pay top dollar for it. So consider a designer logo on yours.

Eye Buttons That Show Off Your Pizzazz

Eye-hole buttons that show off your fun, quirky personality are always a great choice. You might not be able to see anymore, but everyone else will see how cool you are!

There you have it—a few solid choices for when you ultimately replace your corneas with these hot couture buttons. You’re welcome in advance.

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