Mack Reveals The Scariest Place He’s Ever Been (And He’s Been A Lot Of Places)

March 11, 2022 by , featured in Macaulay Culkin
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This week on the Bunny Ears podcast, host Macaulay Culkin talked to multi-platinum music artist Sir Mix-a-Lot. The pair got into everything from sound systems to (yes) the origins of Baby Got Back, and, as usual, we were left with questions for Mack. Join us as we dive a little deeper into this week’s Bunny Ears podcast episode.

1. You and Mix talk a LOT about sports in this one—you’re both clearly pretty big fans. What’s your favorite sport to watch (not necessarily even play), and why?

Mack: “I’d say NBA. I didn’t have a lot of consistency as a kid—working the way I did meant I was always traveling, always in hotel rooms, working with new people. But turning on the TV and watching a game was always the same. If that makes sense?”

2. Mix told a story about the scariest city he’s ever been to … so what’s yours?

Mack: “Okay, for me that’s definitely Glasgow (no disrespect, Glasgow). It was the fightin’-est city I’ve ever been to in my life. I saw a guy get knocked out on the street right in front of me, and there was just fighting happening everywhere—men, women, babies. At one point I was literally just walking down the street, and a guy shoulder-checked me as he walked by, truly for no reason. When I turned around to see what was up, he had is fists up fisticuffs style, ready to go. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

3. You mentioned that Lizzo used to open for your comedy band The Pizza Underground back in the day. Did you have any idea she was going to become THE Lizzo way back then?

Mack: “So I actually first met Lizzo when I was touring with Har Mar Superstar (I’d basically sing like one song a night with them. I was more like a tour mom). So during one show in San Francisco, he told me about a really cool chick who sang backup and opened for him sometimes who’d be there that night … her name was Lizzo. And sure enough, when she arrived backstage, she just had that quality. Like genuine star quality.

And then when I actually saw her perform … it was like, “Oh. Yes. She’s a star. It’s that simple.” She was also the perfect opener, because she had the ability to capture the attention of a crowd of people who might be distracted, straggling in at different times, impatient for the headliner—that’s not easy. We vibed right away. She’s fantastic.”

You can listen to the full conversation between Macaulay Culkin and Sir Mix-a-Lot here.

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