Make A Political Impact Using The Inaction Action In Action Method

August 29, 2022 by , featured in Health
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What exactly is “inaction action in action” and how can it help you make a lasting impact?

It’s 1:17 in the afternoon and I am casually scrolling through my facebook feed, hitting like on my friends MLM posts and photos of their children, when suddenly I am confronted with a crisis. Someone has posted a video about some kind of injustice!

I remain calm. I am centered and at peace (thanks to my clarity crystals), and I know exactly what to do.

I compose myself and click “SHARE.”

I know not everyone has the courage I do, and that is why these things always come my way. I thank the person for bringing this to my attention, but this ends here.

I stretch my back, inhale the bright aroma of my chai latte, and post four letters:

“S M D H”

That’s it, it’s done. You’re welcome, America.

Learn From Dr. Charles L. Meatsmith, Ph.D.

What I’ve done here is what Dr. Charles L. Meatsmith, Ph.D. refers to as inaction action in action. According to him, this is one of the most reliable and most efficient ways of accomplishing things. In his new book, “DO NOTHING: How You Can Affect Change With Zero Commitment,” Dr. Charles L. Meatsmith, Ph.D. explains how we are at our peak energy cycles while idly daydreaming. We exert so much energy throughout the day that our levels get tapped out, meaning anything we try to accomplish taxes us to the core. The best way to do something is to stop doing everything. Post up in bed, put on some YouTube loops of relaxing spa music, and scroll through Pinterest and Facebook on your iPhone.

inaction action
Sit back and chill. Like my old pal, Abe.

The key to all of this is recharging your energy. When your energy is at its peak, anything you do is an estimated 800-1432% more effective than if you actually went and did it. Think about it, isn’t it better to UberEats your lunch than spend that energy leaving the house, where you are always bombarded by negative energies?

And, as Dr. Charles L. Meatsmith, Ph.D. mentions quite often, you don’t even need to put clothes on. Clothes hinder the recharging power of the natural elements inside you. Instead, you should be fully nude (in front of a full-length mirror if possible). Just close your eyes and let your mind wander to its natural state of sexual thoughts and deviances. Let your hands explore your own body with no judgment. If possible, film these recharging sessions. Invest in good lighting and take a few youtube classes on framing to really capture the essence of your energy flow.

Dr. Charles L. Meatsmith, Ph.D. also runs a free service where he will store your sessions in his amethyst charged secure cloud, and infuse them with his own energy to boost your recovery speeds.

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