Bunny Ears Podcast Episode 28 – Rob Kazinsky (Annotated)

October 19, 2022 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Warren, this is Matt. Yes. That Matt.

Craig the intern fucked up this week and had to go visit his mom or something who is in the hospital or something equally lame so here I am, at an undisclosed location, dictating into my iPhone,,, no the word, COMMA.

Not happy with this at all, Craig.

Anyway- this week we chatted with my friend Rob Kazinsky, who is British and tall and handsome- just like Mack and myself! You might know Rob from his work in Pacific Rim, True Blood, World of Warcraft, or maybe you went to Hebrew school with him.

This episode is pretty England-centric, and we get into it right away with a convo about British comedy. Blackadder, Python, the works.

This seamlessly transitions into a discussion about the nature of racism, and then we talk about British fast food! Rob promises he will buy us Nandos Chicken (sauce).

We talk about football (soccer), cricket (the game not the bug), and British “national identity”

Truth bomb; we recorded this last month and I haven’t listened back so like…. this is a real loose recap. Just like Craig’s mom! (Sorry- heal up soon!)

Ummmmm… I mentioned Nandos, right? Oh yeah- the topic of conversation segues to Australians, and then somehow we get into a British geography lesson.

Oh yeah and this episode is sponsored by Solo NYC- get a cool backpack at solo-ny. com/ears


Sorry. Some people, amirite?

Oh yeah. We talk about England, and Britain, and Robs movie career, and British actors, and then Mack and Rob play a round of ClockBlockers

Is this good, Shawn? Because I’m about to get on this air-boat and NO. SPARKLING! WATER THAT SPARKLES! I WILL SLAP YOU!

So get well Craig’s mom, thanks Rob, and yay Blighty!

-Matt Cohen

The worlds most special little boy

Photo courtesy of Legendary Pictures / Universal Pictures / Blizzard Entertainment / Arclight Cinemas

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