Podcast Episode 23: Tribute To The Great Hellmutt 2007-2018

October 1, 2022 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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There will be no annotations for this episode of the Bunny Ears Podcast. Instead I would like to say a few words about Hellmutt, the world’s best dog.

I met Hellmutt about 8 or 9 years ago for the first time. It was in Cohen’s old apartment in Hollywood. Mutty, as he was frequently called by Matt, was a small, impossible creature. He was as quirky, anxious, and loud as his owner. He hated other dogs and other people (also like his owner). Hellmutt loved one thing in this whole world more than anything else: Matt Cohen. And Cohen, who you’re all getting to know as well as I do, loved that dog right back.

“I guess this is goodbye, old pal, You’ve been a perfect friend. I hate to see us part, old pal…” – Steven Sondheim (Lyrics from Into The Woods)

They were inseparable during their time together. As you’ll learn in today’s podcast, they were only ever apart for about four months (collectively) over the last 11 years. Matty is lucky enough to get to always work from home, which meant that Mutty was lucky enough to have his best pal by his side for (mostly) his entire life.

I can’t express enough how much my heart breaks for Matt Cohen. He’s one of my closest friends and watching his anguish over the loss of this wonderful dog has been gut-wrenching.  Mutt had been sick for about a week. On Monday, Matt called me to say Mutty was at the hospital and that he feared the worst. I spent the day with Matt as he came to terms with what would need to happen next. We came home from the animal hospital at 7pm after putting Hellmutt to rest. Then we drank. Friends came over throughout the evening and around 2am it was just me, Mack, Brenda and Matt. Everyone but Brenda was drunk. We decided to sit down and record this episode at about 3am. I hope it was cathartic for Cohen. I think it was.

Remember what the Bloodhound Gang always said, “Life’s short and hard like a body building elf.”  So, love your pets. Hug your loved ones. Our time in this world is fleeting so make the best of it. That starts with telling the people and animals closest to you that you love them.


Shawn DePasquale

Editor In Chief – Bunny Ears

RIP HELLMUTT 2007-2018

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  1. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Hellmutt. You are an angel & a saint. While I know you won’t believe me, I promise you will see him again. All dogs go to Heaven, after all. FRANCIS BLESSED THE WOLF.

    If you ever need a distraction, inspiration, good listener, shoulder to cry on, or an excellent *wing-woman, please think of me. If I can’t find your perfect match, I will build you a custom D.B.

    Sending all of our love from the SKY BOX (Colorado).

  2. Thanks for sharing your stories and glad to be a listener to the podcast you were very lucky to have had Hellmutt and he was lucky to have you.

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