Free Monthly Horoscopes – June Edition

September 25, 2022 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Summer is officially here, so astrally project yourself into your monthly Horoscope Guide. Whether you intend to have a summer of love or a summer of deep thought and solitude, the stars have their own plan for you, and all it takes is a receptive ear to listen to the Universe’s motherly whisper.

Aquarius: As the water sign, you often go with the flow. You’re the person at work who co-workers turn to for a smile, a “WTF” look, or to just shoot the “S.” Keep being that person and exuding that light. Don’t get too caught up in office politics or the peculiar guy who sits next to you. March to the beat of your own drum and you might find love right under your nose.

Lucky Numbers: 3, 83, 12

Pisces: You fit into many containers, Pisces. Beware of hiding your true self to your coworkers and family. You can easily sell your ideas and talk yourself into any situation but your past may catch up to you. Look for a Taurus to balance your busy schedule but think of yourself as a mentor to help them grow.

Lucky Numbers:  5, 19, 14


Aries: There’s something in the air this month pushing you towards renewal, so try something new — even if it’s just a restaurant. With change comes setbacks and it is your task, Aries, to find peace in patience. Life can be a series of waiting rooms, but as the old Chinese proverb says, “If you become frustrated, you will not be seated.”

Lucky Numbers: 44, 405

Taurus: June’s full moon will win you the respect of those who once doubted you. You’ve dedicated yourself to a harvest festival for your community and while there are many challenges, you’ll ultimately be successful. Embrace who you’re becoming as every horse was once a pony.

Lucky Numbers: 34, 59, 20

Gemini: You are compassionate, artistic and gentle. Follow your true passions and begin working on the rock opera based on your original song that you’ve always dreamed about. Enlist your whacky gang of friends—maybe from the bar—to help. Be the change you want to see.

Lucky Numbers: 101


Cancer: Spending time with others may be the best way to take care of yourself. As the full moon approaches, you and your gang will take to your bikes to find a lost friend. The spirit of play is important, so use what you’ve learned in gameplay as you encounter things that seem odd. Strange isn’t always bad.

Lucky Numbers: 13, 21

Leo:  Mind the waves, things will get bumpy at sea. Don’t worry if your international travel is interrupted and your metaphorical ship goes down. You will land on your own two feet on a beautiful new island. You will meet a group of new people, but don’t be afraid of these “Others.” They are not what they seem.

Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

Virgo: You are practical and stable, but can sometimes be stubborn. When you receive a bad diagnosis, take power into your own hands and use your vocational knowledge in a practical way to embark on a new business venture. What you’re doing is very illegal, but don’t worry about the law. You are the one who knocks.

Lucky Numbers: 2, 22


Libra: Your surprise party will be split into two so your divorced parents don’t have to interact with each other. Phoebe will smuggle guests from one party to the other. This is a metaphor about good attitude and outlook. Chandler and Joey still live together.

Lucky Numbers: 7, 28, 32

Scorpio: Bart Simpson goes to prankster rehab after a clown-mask prank terrifies the town and destroys Krusty’s career. A tortured Krusty then tries his hand at serious drama with a regional theater company.

Lucky Numbers: 639

Sagittarius: Kate and Toby go to Las Vegas for their bachelor-bachelorette parties. Meanwhile, in the past, Jack and Rebecca Pearson celebrate their anniversary.

Lucky Numbers: TV14

Capricorn: Mad scientist Rick Sanchez moves in with his daughter’s family after disappearing for 20 years and involves them, specifically his grandson Morty, in his wacky adventures in this animated comedy.

Lucky Numbers: Streaming now on Hulu.

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