All The ‘Toy Story’ References You Probably Missed In ‘Doctor Sleep’

April 15, 2022 by

It should come as no surprise that Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, is entirely littered with cameos and references to the Toy Story franchise. After all, the world of Woody and the gang has forever been plagued with eye-rolling Easter eggs and gross color-patterned carpets from The Shining, just so we’d all know how much Pixar loves that movie. Seems fitting, then, that these legendary animated toys would show up in Doctor Sleep. But what do their cameos mean? And more importantly, how many references did you spot?

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Did you catch Bo Peep’s cane hanging on the wall? Maybe, like Bo Peep, grown-up Danny Torrance feels lost, too.
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And here's Woody sitting on Dan's bookshelf. Perhaps this symbolizes the pain of growing up? Maybe?
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Did you see Forky in this blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment? We honestly have no idea what this piece of trash is doing there.
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This super subtle shot of Sid’s mutant toys hiding under Dan’s bed may symbolize the secrets of youth. But again, who the fuck knows.
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What are we even watching?
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Forky again, we guess. We're really just as confused on this one as you guys.
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This was probably just a (good) call by the Wardrobe Department. Who cares anymore?
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At the very least, this was a bold creative choice.
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Wow. How does this make even a little sense?
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Okay, maybe Forky is actually Danny’s imaginary childhood friend, Tony. Because Tony, too, is a piece of trash. And also because actor Tony Hale is the voice of Forky. This clearly makes the most sense in the universe where nothing makes any damn sense.
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Goddamn it.

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