We’re Literally Begging You To Read All 27 Of These ‘Toy Story’ Facts 

January 7, 2022 by , featured in Pop Culture
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With Toy Story 4 right around the corner, now’s a great time to revisit the classic that started it all! Even if you’ve seen Toy Story a million times, these crazy facts will still blow your mind!

  1. Pizza Planet was originally going to be called Pizza Putt! A space restaurant makes more thematic sense, but a mini-golf scene might have been fun, huh?
  1. Woody was originally a ventriloquist’s dummy before it was pointed out that dummies are associated with horror movies. We guess whoever came up with that idea was the real dummy!
  1. Rex was included because of the success of Jurassic Park! Thankfully they gave him a different personality!
  1. Buzz Lightyear was named after none other than iconic astronaut Buzz Aldrin! Is … is that too obvious?
  1. Uh … some of the toys were inspired by real toys, in case you somehow hadn’t noticed.
  1. Like Slinky Dog. Remember slinkys? They’re fun, right? Please say yes and keep reading. Please.
  1. Tim Allen wasn’t the first choice for Buzz Lightyear! Isn’t that literally insane?
  1. Okay, fine, it’s not. We both know that that’s just how the casting process works. We’re sorry.
  1. Honestly, most of these facts aren’t remarkable, and they certainly aren’t going to change how you look at a 24-year-old movie you have all the opinions on that you’ll ever need. But our analytics say that if we want to make even a single dollar today we need 27 unique points regardless of quality, so let’s just try to get through this together, okay?
  1. Sid was inspired by the childhood experiences of two of the movie’s writers! Please go on Twitter and say that this very common writing technique blew your mind!


  1. You’re thinking of leaving to browse Instagram, aren’t you? Don’t go. We’re literally begging you. Wait, how about this?  No one said that the whole article actually has to be about Toy Story—we just really need you to stay on this page. So would you like to hear a real story? It’s way more interesting than some crap about a movie’s working title.
  1. Okay, so around this time last year we were driving home from Las Vegas after a team-building exercise.
  1. It was dark, and maybe we shouldn’t have had that last beer. But the highway was quiet, we were being cautious, we figured it was all good.
  1. Then all of a sudden, BAM! We hit something.
  1. We screech to a stop, barely staying on the road. Naturally we’re pretty shaken up.
  1. Once we’ve calmed down a little, we get out to see what we hit. Probably just a coyote that tried to cross the road at the wrong time or something, right?
  1. Nope. It was a man. And he was dead.
  1. Listen, we swear there was nothing we could have done. It was dark, he was in the middle of the road … we don’t know what he was thinking, but it wasn’t our fault.
  1. We were going to do the right thing. Call the cops, explain what had happened. We’re good people.
  1. But then we notice all the cash fluttering across the highway. It’s spilling out of a suitcase the man was carrying. One of three suitcases in fact.


  1. We didn’t know what his story was. We still don’t know. But we do know that it’s expensive to run a website.
  1. Of course, we couldn’t just take all this money. People would no doubt be looking for it. The heat had to die down.
  1. Now, we’re not explicitly saying that there are caches of cold hard cash buried throughout the Nevada desert that we’re willing to exchange for views.
  1. We’re just saying that, if you click on next week’s “31 Unbelievable Facts About The Lion King,” there might be some GPS coordinates included. What you do with that information is up to you.
  1. Now, let’s both pretend to be fascinated by a couple more Toy Story facts so that this can be our little secret.
  1. Barbie appeared in Toy Story 2, but she almost debuted in Toy Story 1 instead! Isn’t that the craziest thing you’ve ever heard in your entire life?!
  1. And our final Toy Story fact: Disney almost killed Toy Story after seeing a bad early draft, but Pixar agreed to make major changes! Lucky for us, right?

Image: Pixar

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