Rustic Bedroom Decor To Accent That Pile Of Leaves You Sleep On

October 30, 2021 by , featured in Lifestyle
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You may be a #girlboss on the outside, but you’ll always be a forest-bathing boho babe on the inside. And in order to live a more authentic life, you have chosen to sleep on a pile of loose leaves hand-collected from the bespoke hillsides of rural Vermont rather than a cookie-cutter “bed” like everyone else. Unfortunately, your maid keeps mistaking it for a mystery mess and, time after time, asks the landscapers to do away with it.

However, the reason your maid, family, and friends don’t understand your decision to sleep on an untamed pile of matted yard waste is because you’ve not yet completed your bold new look! What you need is to spruce up the entire bedroom with a makeover—or, better yet, a rakeover! Follow our advice, and these four rustic, pine-worthy bedroom essentials will take your space from Blair Witch to Walden in no time.

Oak Dresserrustic bedroom decor dresser

Gather some logs and stuff them into Maw’s wood-burning stove, because this unfinished oak dresser is absolute fire! The body is made from the wood of the actual Giving Tree, as pictured in the Shel Silverstein book, and it’s long, delicate drawers make it the perfect place to keep your little blouse on the prairie. The gorgeous honey hues alone would have Winnie the Pooh falling over himself for a taste, but not before nestling into your crunchy pile of comfortable sleep-mulch for a nice winter’s rest.

Wicker Vanityrustic bedroom decor wicker

A dramatic statement piece like this wicker vanity will effortlessly accent the golden highlights in the towering foliage atop which you’ve chosen to spend your nights, all while calling back to a simpler time—a time when the only items on a person’s agenda were to fashion some loose twigs into a basket and try not to catch the nasty bout of cholera going around. We reckon you’ll be more relaxed than after a jug of moonshine when you set down on the accompanying barrel (sold separately). And for an extra touch of charm, choose the manufacturer’s upgrade to have your mirror pre-mucked by the very horse delivering it!

Birch Branch Hanger

rustic bedroom decor branches

You try to use every part of the tree, not just the leafies you choose to spend your nights buried within in wistful autumnal slumber. A birch branch hung from the ceiling with some of your hog-tying rope can transform an otherwise useless stick into a unique display from which to hang your handcrafted dream catchers and blacksmithing do-dads. We recommend the highest quality birch, sourced from the set of Into the Woods, which is available both with or without owl.

Utility Wardrobe

rustic bedroom decor shed

While a vintage, mid-century armoire is the standard choice for a wardrobe for someone in your income bracket, we recommend something a little less “hoity-toity cosmopolitan” and a little more “yuckin’ yokel.” A large, funky piece such as this standalone garden shed from Home Depot is perfectly suited to hold your bed-rake and ball gowns alike. And, as an added bonus, it comes fully equipped with a functioning garden hose.

Let’s face it: You’d be walnuts not to double-down on your impulse to indulge your inner forest nymph with these rustic accent pieces, guaranteed to complete your boho bedroom overhaul. Rest easy on your definitely-on-purpose pile of loose leaves knowing the only things that’ll be blown away by this aesthetic are the minds of the design community at large. Timber!

Images: PixabayRobert Lehman Collection, 1975 / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain; National Park Service / Wikimedia Commons / Public DomainPixabay;

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