SMODCAST 390 – Home Alone with Mack & Me w/ Kevin Smith (Annotated)

January 14, 2018 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast, Podcasts
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Guests: Kevin Smith sits down with Matt Cohen and Macaulay Culkin

The Lowdown:

Back when Kevin Smith wanted to make a theater where people could come and see a live podcast being taped, Matt Cohen heard his call and made it happen at a little theater that eventually become the SMODCASTLE. Ever since the View Askew site, Matt Cohen was a faithful fan to Kevin Smith, and eventually, a faithful friend and collaborator. In this episode of Kevin Smith’s famous SMODCAST, Matt & Mack sit down with Kevin Smith to talk everything nerd. The creation of Ralph Garmin’s Hollywood Babylon, Jason Mewes’s podcast (Jay & Silent Bob Get Old), and how all that ended up.

Also how to tell someone who recognizes you if you’re Kevin Smith and Macaulay Culkin.

How did Mack & Matt meet? Where was Mack born and raised? What is Matt Cohen’s greatest regret?

Mack tells the story of how he found out where exactly he was conceived. Also, the Culkins basically built North Dakota. And the story of how his parents got together. Macaulay Culkin’s first audition! Dudley Moore’s Arthur and The Young Guns were a huge influence on Mack as a kid.

What was the moment that John Hughes decided to write Home Alone for Macaulay Culkin over the course of a weekend?

Richie Rich talk, Mack remembers working with John Hughes in a really heartwarming way.

The origin of Stew!

Who would win in a fight? Mack or Devon Sawa?

The Highlights:

Stew, of course, as always, is masturbating in the corner throughout.

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