Where Are They Now: Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Beer Truck

April 24, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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The year was 1999. The place was Albany, New York. The Bible verse was Austin 3:16. Days before WrestleMania XV, Stone Cold Steve Austin was at peak popularity, and his “Blue Collar Joe versus White Collar Boss” feud with WWF owner Vince McMahon had captured the hearts and minds of professional wrestling fans everywhere. And—in what was arguably his most infamous moment—Stone Cold drove a real-life beer truck all the way into the ring and used it to spray the entire Corporation with hops and barley.

But that was twenty years ago. Austin has since retired, and the spilled Coors Light has long since evaporated from the wrestling mat. And, as far as we know, the truck returned to service delivering beer all around the country. At least that’s what the WWF wants you to think.

Here’s What Really Happened

After soaking The Corporation with gallons of beer, Austin and his beer truck spent a few years on the road together. However, while Austin eventually decided his party days were over, the beer truck just couldn’t give it up.

Eventually, after a long, drunken bender that ended with the beer truck in bed with Kerwin White’s golf cart, Austin’s beer truck decided to clean up its act. It gave up the light-beer-truck lifestyle and found a higher calling as a Ramco-brand cement mixer.

Austin’s beer truck, today.

Now, instead of violently spraying people in the face with beer suds, the truck helps lay the foundation for schools and roads around the Northeast (with a new coat of paint and a fresh outlook on life, no less). And that’s the bottom line, because Austin’s beer truck said so.

Beep beep, old friend. Beep beep.

Images: WWE, RyanP77 Ozinga (131)/Flickr

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