What To See in Asia If You’re Pressed For Time And Only Interested In Bragging on Social Media 

August 3, 2022 by , featured in Food and Recipes
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So, you’ve been given the exciting opportunity to travel to Asia, huh? Congratulations! But let us guess—your time there is limited, and you’re unsure of what sights and experiences you should prioritize so you can score some sick social media pics. That’s understandable, because Asia is huge! It has over five countries, and they all have plenty of locations that would look great in your Instagram feed! We know it’s overwhelming, but don’t panic. With our help you’ll know just what parts of Asia to hit up for some major likes.

First, let’s talk China. China (or, as the locals call it, Peking) has a rich cultural history that spans thousands of years of art, architecture, poetry, and food. But it’s always so grey and smoggy, and that will make your pictures look dreary and gross no matter what hip pose you’re striking in them. So move the Middle Kingdom to the bottom of your list!

Then there’s Thailand, which is famous for its beaches and the ancient Thai dish of sriracha sauce. Those are nice and all, but you can find beaches that will make you look like you’re living the laidback easy life right here in America, and there’s probably a Thai Express or whatever close to your nearest beach. So say Byeland to the overrated sights of Thailand. What we’d really recommend is the Angkor Wat.

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We know you’re saying “Angkor Whaaat?” Check it: the Angkor Wat is suuuuper spiritual. It’s Buddhist or Taoist or something, it’s a temple that’s old as all hell, and it’s one of the most popular tourist sites in all of Asia! It even has monks! Imagine yourself on a beautiful summer day, kicking it with some chill-ass monk at a temple that’s, like, 2000-years-old. Now there’s a photo set that screams “I am more worldly than you and your dumb pictures at the neighborhood park with your lame kids.”

Do you have time for a second destination? Many people think Tokyo, but we say Tokyno. Japan is famous for its many temples but like, you just saw the Angkor Wat. You don’t want your feeds to be all temples, do you? And once you rule out temples, Tokyo is basically just New York City. Sure, the writing on all the signs is all different, but you could take a photo of yourself in the nearest Chinatown and get the exact same effect. And you didn’t fly halfway around the world for that #basic brag!

No, we’d recommend Kathmandu, where you can sip a cool, refreshing beer while taking a few post-Everest selfies. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to climb Mount Everest! Just carefully apply some strategic sweat and dirt, and when people ask why you didn’t take any pictures on the mountain itself, tell them that your battery died or that it’s against whatever the local beliefs are. Who’s going to call you out on that? You’re the one who’s been to Kathmandu to find yourself. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could even make the trek to the Everest base camp and get a few pictures there! We know, that’s a lot of work, but trust us: those pics will go great with your Facebook post about how blessed you are to understand the importance of nature in ways that people who haven’t visited Asia just can’t.

visiting asia

One more tip before you embark on your exciting, personal brand enhancing journey. We know you’re pressed for time, but you can’t go to Asia without getting a picture of yourself looking back at the camera while wearing a giant backpack, ideally while standing on a rugged path flanked by bamboo or in an alleyway that looks extremely Asian. Of course, since you’ll only be in Asia briefly you won’t have a giant backpack, but you can easily borrow one from a fellow traveler, or purchase one at a local shop and then return it once you’ve got your photo. With that as your profile picture, you’ll look like you’ve earned the right to say ‘namaste’ no matter how long you namaSTAY in Asia!


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