Color Of The Month: ’90s Plaid

October 10, 2020 by , featured in Color Of the Month
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We all love ’90s nostalgia. Mostly because it reminds us of a time before we understood that everyone, literally everyone, is horrible. It was a decade of questionable trends, and even more questionable color choices. And while many associate the ’90s with neon pink lizards and faux-Tuscan terra cottas, we know that the true color of our favorite decade was something known as “Buffalo Plaid.”

It’s Just Some Squares

Buffalo plaid was a hallmark of ’90s grunge “counter culture.” It defined a generation—a generation that wanted to be edgy and rebellious while still shopping at JCPenney. This plaid was so rebellious, in fact, that it WASN’T EVEN REALLY PLAID. Really, it was just a bunch of identical squares in some truly angry colors. That’s how punk rock it was.

Don’t Ask About The Buffaloes

The key to understanding and embracing this square-fest is to embrace the unembraceable. And that means not caring, not even a little bit, about the fact that its name is inexplicable. Was it worn by buffaloes? Did people catch buffaloes in it? Are identical squares some kind of historic enemy to the animal? Don’t ask any of these questions. Put your energy into draping the perfect flannel around your hips and tying it with enough sleeve left to fiddle with while not paying attention in English class.

How To Wear Buffalo Plaid

Buffalo plaid isn’t about how you look; it’s about how you feel wearing it. And ideally, you should feel almost nothing except discomfort with your existence. You can pair buffalo plaid with just about anything, as long as your hair is styled to match your ennui and your breath smells like Jordan Catalano.

Buffalo plaid: It’s not just the color of the month. It’s the color of not caring what the color of the month is, or was, or should be, or whatever.

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