Adult Diaper Play The Eco-Friendly Way With Reusable Diapers

January 10, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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Bunny Ears is a proud sex positive publication. We would usually consider it wildly inappropriate to insert ourselves into the bedrooms of two consenting adults. However, there comes a time when a great moral need overrides all other priorities. Specifically, your adult diaper play should only employ reusable diapers.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our generation, and the battle begins at home. And there is perhaps no more important battleground than the bedroom, where diapers are soiled by grown men and women for the sexual stimulation of themselves and their partners. The diapers are generally discarded after a mere single use, and it’s a massive and unnecessary waste.

We know this won’t be an easy change to make.

Reusable diapers come with a larger up front cost, and cleaning them can be a distasteful, time consuming task, especially when you’re trying to reconcile your post-coital comedown with the reek of your partner’s urine that they recently expelled for your pleasure. And yes, we know that nothing quite compares to the thrill of cracking open a new package of diapers in the presence of a lover. But the money saved in the long run, along with the even greater pleasure of doing your part to help save the planet, will more than make up for it.

So remember: It’s okay to be infantile for the purposes of achieving an exquisite orgasm, but it’s not okay to be infantile in your role as a consumer. If you find yourself wavering, think of your children. Do you want them to live on a planet scarred by climate change (and endless mounds of soiled diapers), or do you want them to responsibly enjoy erotic diaper play, safe in the knowledge that their future is secure?

So, for the sake of the planet, join us in pissing in eco-friendly nappies.

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