Bunny Ears Podcast 43: Is This It?

September 7, 2021 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Hi, I’m Craig The Intern, and they make me transcribe these every week. Everything’s going great so far! OR IS IT??? After last week’s cliffhanger, you probably have a lot of questions. Let’s get right to it, because whatever the opposite is of brevity, I am not good at.

The Lowdown:

If you like celebrities singing awkwardly, you’re going to love the intro to this show. That’s all I’ll say. I adore it, because I am contractually obligated to. (Can I please have my glass of water back now, Mr. Cohen, sir?)

This is the last episode of the current iteration of the podcast, which means…what? Solo projects rather than the dual host format you’re used to, apparently. Success makes it more difficult to keep the two stars on the same schedule, so look for a new format podcast that will still have Mack hosting to come back soon, still called Bunny Ears. Soooo…kind of the same thing? If you’re subscribing, the new iteration should show up in the same place as the old.

Mack plugs a couple of upcoming projects with YouTubers like Red Letter Media and Angry Video Game Nerd, and complains about how many family members he has to holiday shop for. (You just have one intern, though, bossman, so howsabout some Christmas love? I’ll settle for a cookie.)

Matt’s next project will have something to do with weed. I know you’re all surprised. I sure am. Serves me right for never paying attention.

They recap the names of everyone who has helped out over the course of the past year, and try to remember somebody they hate, but can only come up with “Coconut Grove.”

The current merchandise is going to be retired, so grab it now while it lasts! It’s going to change too.

Wait, are they ending this show already? (They aren’t. Matt’s leaving. Mack will be back in December.) This was secretly a minisode?

And holy bejeebus, Mack actually said his real name for the first time on a podcast! He must be serious!

Anyway, the contact info below is clearly now more important than ever, except for the phone number for a while. Hey, I wonder of they’ll let me take time off now?

The Highlights:

There are no highlights this week, because all they did was repeat the fact that they’re going solo over and over. And all the singing is at the very beginning.

The Links:

Umm…here’s a free online metronome. (You guys are forcing me to make up content here. What did you expect?)

Do you know why there are seven colors in the rainbow?

Does the statue of liberty belong to New York or New Jersey? Surely between those two states, there won’t be strong opinions:

Here’s a video about bunny ears that has nothing to do with us. Lawsuit time?

Contact The Guys!

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @bunnyearspod
Instagram: @bunnyearspodcast
Telephone: 845-EZE-HOAX

Twitter @IncredibleCulk
Instagram: Culkamania

Matt Cohen
Twitter: @Cameltoad
Instagram: @Cameltoad

Image: Warner Bros.

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  1. FINALLY!! Now I can swoop in and DO SOMETHING with my MISERABLE, PURULENT LIFE!!!…

    Er, ahem.

    I mean, my condolences.

    1. Podcast comes back better than ever before on December 19th. In the meantime listen to the archives and follow Cohen’s new show, HIGHbrow!

  2. Thanks for the content. I have been on and off since the first podcast. Gives me a chance to listen to all of the podcasts. Can Mac sell a signed picture in the shop?

  3. This has nothing to do with the podcast I just had an idea to pitch that’ll prolly never happen, ok so there are memes of mack that look like kid rock and pics of kid rock that looks like hes tryna be dr phil, so while me n a buddy were talking we thought itd make a good youtube video to do a spoof of home alone where the concept is kevin kept getting left behind because he was adopted and not really cared for and grew up to find out he was kid rocks son, after w.e comic scenes happen with them at the very end kevin asks kid rock about his dad an he doesn’t know but he has an idea of it and it fades into a cloudy scene of him imagining dr phil. lol

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