How To Channel The Energy Of The Child Workers And Dead Birds Trapped In Your Healing Crystals

July 8, 2018 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Hello, crystal fans! If you’ve been keeping up with my column, Crystal Chronicles, then by now you’ve heard the bad news: some of our beloved healing crystals are being sourced from mines with lax labor and environmental laws. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, children as young as seven work in mines. In Myanmar, the sale of jade mined by an oppressed and exploited minority helps finance ethnic cleansing. And right here in America, some crystal mines are contaminating local ecosystems and drinking water. Yikes, right?

But it’s times like these where we must remember that the Chinese word for “crystal crisis” is the same as their word for “crystal opportunity.” A good crystal, after all, promotes healing, harmony, and peace. And what needs peace more than all the energy of the child workers and dead birds trapped in your healing crystals?

Take those poor Congolese children. Yes, they’re being forced to work up to 12 hours a day in the brutal heat with no safety equipment, and yes, the mere one to two dollars a day they’re paid are sometimes extorted right back out of their pockets. But think of the persistence it must require to persevere in such brutal working conditions! Think of the energy they must have to fight through the health problems their work creates! Channel that energy as you meditate with your crystal on your career. Do you need to work up the nerve to ask for a raise, or are you looking for some good vibes as you start a small business? Let the energy of those exploited children help you. Their spirits have suffered so much, so do them a favor by directing it towards something positive!

Crystal Energy

And look, it’s not like crystal mines are using children only because they’re easy to exploit. Their delicate little hands just happen to be perfectly suited for certain tasks. Tasks like your next exciting DIY project! Whether you’re building a birdhouse or a spice rack, a crystal grid around your workplace will give you the boost in dexterity that you need to handle all of those tricky little tools. Those children may be physically stuck in a mine on the other side of the world, but spiritually they’re helping you attract nuthatches to your garden!

As for the environmental damage caused by crystals, consider making a sacred space within your home or garden where the energy of crystals like amethyst and rose quartz will send the message that Mother Earth is always welcome as long as you have something to say about it. Yes, maybe a bunch of beautiful birds drank poisonous wastewater and died, but how many more birds will live because of the good vibes that your shrine will send out? A lot, possibly. If you think about it, we’re really helping the Earth. Those birds had to die sooner or later, but how many people would use the crystals they gave their lives for on something so productive?

Crystal Energy

Now, what if you have a jade healing crystal from Myanmar, where working conditions are so miserable that miners often end up addicted to heroin just to numb the pain of their existence? There’s no denying that heroin addiction can ravage an otherwise healthy body and spirit… but an addition to chocolate or shopping is no laughing matter either! So carry that jade crystal in your pocket whenever you feel a craving to indulge in a bad habit. Its radiant energy will remind your subconscious that you and those heroin addicted miners are in this thing together! You want them to beat heroin, right? Well, they’d want you to stop buying Caffè Mochas that you know your wallet and your hips don’t need! Don’t feel too guilty if you slip up every now and then, though. Just be thankful that the profits from that chocolatey threat aren’t going towards efforts to have you beaten to death in your own home, and resolve to really channel that crystal’s energy and do better next time!

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