Bunny Ears Podcast Season Two Episode One: Devon Sawa

October 25, 2021 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Mack finally sits down with nemesis Devon Sawa (aka the Macaulay Culkin of Devon Sawas). Mack and Devon discuss an experience almost everyone has had – being a towheaded, in-demand child actor in the 1990s. Finally, an hour jam packed of totally common and completely relatable stories of set tutors, floppy hair, investing your child actor money, filming Little Giant, and staying at the Oakwood. We’ve all been there! Plus, we find out who Stephen Spielberg loves more, which celebrities are asking about Mack, and the hand Devon Sawa played in ruining Pagemaster.

Mack and Devon finally end their feud… or do they? A special surprise for Devon digs up the buried hatchet. Plus, Mack plugs his website. His other website. This episode is sponsored by DOGWHEELS, the only wheels that surgically replace your dogs pathetic legs with powerful monster truck tires. Dogwheels, because doesn’t your Chihuahua deserve to crush four Rottweilers in row at the dog park? Sup up your dog today!

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  1. 50:00 ” I’m a incredibly young father in my …”

    See what I mean?

    So, does this mean you have an opening in the editing team?

  2. I love it when child stars grow up and share their memories together. It makes for a great podcast experience and man, did it get funny… You’re the man, Mack! (and Devon, you aren’t that far behind… lol)

  3. this is so good.

    really enjoyed this podcast – you two should make a creepy remake of one of your child hood movies 🙂

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