A Guide To Communing With Your Spirit Animal Through Our 84-inch 4K TV

September 12, 2021 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Spiritual guidance comes in many forms. Some cultures, such as a few indigenous tribes, call upon spirit animals for both guidance and protection. To achieve this, one often needs some physical object with a connection to the spirits (a spirit totem), but we know that the average person probably doesn’t have a bridge to the spirit realm just laying around the house. Which is why we highly recommend using our LG Electronics 84-Inch Cinema 3D 4K Ultra HD 120hz Smart TV with six pairs of 3D glasses, purchasable hereHeads up, Amazon links on the page are affiliate links. So if you click them and buy stuff, we get some money. To learn more, check out our privacy policy!

Once you have the necessary tool (again, this 4K television available for purchase now) , you’ll be able to commune with your spirit animal through the below easy steps.

1. Finding your animal

Sit down on your imported Spanish leather sofa, get the TV remote, and start flipping through channels at rapid speed. The first animal you see will be your spirit guide! It’s a little like the sorting hat at Hogwarts, only with 12,000 pay-per-view channels at your disposal.

Once you’ve found your spirit animal, give the little guy some time. You can’t just expect entities of a higher plane of existence to magically pop up out of nowhere to provide guidance on the regs, can you? However, there are some ways to accelerate this process…

2. Start small, buy the HBO Now subscription package

We really recommend this step. Spirit animals don’t settle for less than premium cable broadcasting. Buy the HBO Now subscription service available for $15 a month here. Servicing over 36 million homes, HBO is scientifically and spiritually proven to be the best and fastest way to open communications with your sacred animal.

Once that’s done, the next step is to watch as much television as you can on your LG Electronics 84-Inch Cinema 3D 4k Ultra HD 120hz Smart TV with six pairs of 3D glasses, and listen closely for signs from your guide.

It is imperative for your spiritual ascension that you listen to your spirit animal at this juncture. For example, your spirit owl may hoot at you during Game of Thrones and say, “Did you buy a Roku, too? Available at your local retailers and www.amazon.com.” It will be in your best interest to head immediately to Best Buy.

3. Some TV channels are more spiritual than others

If you’re having trouble getting your spirit animal to talk, maybe it’s time to ask what channels are serving your spirituality the best. Would your spirit bond be stronger in an ESPN package deal, for example? Or would it perhaps service your spirit guide better to ensure you have several deluxe travel-channel options? Choices matter here.

Additionally, studies have shown that spirit animals are far more likely to communicate when given premium cable subscription offerings, so we highly recommend getting Showtime. You already have HBO Now, might as well add the television network that’s home to over 30 million households nationwide and features popular must-see shows like Kidding, Shameless, The Affair, and more—starting at $10.99 a month and available at http://www.sho.com/series.

Watch the Golden Globe-winning  hit series “The Affair” on Showtime now!

4. Consider Accessorizing

Ensure you’re hearing your spirit animal crisply and clearly with this 5.1 surround-sound speaker system. And don’t forget to pick up these chic and discrete speaker mounts. Spirit guides love a chic mount!

Remember, your spirit animal is here to guide and protect you for a lifetime…so be sure to ask about the invaluable lifetime warranty available upon purchase for an additional $240.

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