Episode 4 – Resurrection (Annotated)

August 14, 2022 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Guest: Stewart P. Miller from Columbus, Ohio

The Lowdown:

The gang goes around and tells everyone their Top 3 Favorite Street Signs! The boys also go ahead and tell everyone their porn names, too.

List Of Lists:

Top 3 Rollercoasters!

Top 3 Diseases!

Top 3 Holiday Mascots!

Top 3 Cereal Mascots!

Top 3 Serial Killers!

Top 3 States!

Top 3 Gatorade Flavors!

Top 3 Cartoon Characters!

Top 3 Things I Can See In Mack’s Apartment!

Matt Cohen almost tells a story about a serial killer, which you will never hear.

The Highlights:

10:29 – 12:45 How Matt Learned To Tell Time | Matt Cohen’s Childhood Vol. 1

15:00 – Matt Blacks Out On A Rollercoaster | Matt Cohen’s Childhood Vol. 1

17:47 – 19:08 The Craziest Rollercoaster Accident In Theme Park History

32:30 – 39:13 ‘90s Childhood Commercial Mascots

The Links:

A documentary on H.H. Holmes, the serial killer with the murder hotel.

The Rick and Morty Top Hat Jones bit that Mack was talking about.

“Cool story, Hansel”

“Thanks, Olaf”

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