Bunny Ears Podcast 30 – Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Annotated)

October 26, 2022 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Hi, I’m Craig The Intern, and they make me transcribe these every week. Everything’s going great so far! Are you all that? Are you a Jedi? Because this week’s Prinze of a guest is.

The Guest: Freddie Prinze, Jr

The Lowdown:

There aren’t enough Devon Sawas in the world, but he’s not the guest or the topic this week. It’s Freddie Prinze Jr., who admires Matt’s McFarlane Toys 3-D Jaws movie poster (not a Jaws 3-D movie poster, which is different). Freddie is “not a big toy guy” but he does love “cool shit.” They discuss Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us for a bit, and how it may spin off into The Movies That Made Us and The Meals That Made Us. Kids today apparently don’t know the toy Todd McFarlane is the same guy who did comics, and everyone talks about how their references don’t work any more.

For all Freddie’s acting credits—and a lot of it was, he says, his father’s “unfinished business”–Matt is most impressed by his tenure as a WWE writer. Freddie offers some advice to job aspirants, based on his experience: don’t tell the company what they’re doing wrong, but identify assets they may be underutilizing and come with ideas to make them stronger. He wrote storylines for the better part of a year, and was part of the team that made Jeff Hardy champion. Vince lets you know really quickly that you’re disposable, so you never feel like you’re writing fan fiction.

After a break during which time he avoided wrestling, he was lured back after watching Low-Ki, and he does a hilarious impersonation of his phone call with Vince asking to come back and work with Low-Ki. They discuss injuries, and that Vince likes big guys because they’re usually injured less, and was actually right about Daniel Bryan being a risk as champion, because he did get injured. Freddie also reveals that Total Divas was his idea, and that as soon as women’s matches started getting ratings, Vince became less concerned about injuries. Ratings for the WWE shows are monitored in real time, with adjustments made on the fly, and since Freddie left, the ratings for women’s segments have been going up and consistently drawing higher than the men’s.

Freddie’s daughter is 8 and just starting to get into wrestling. His wife is into a women’s promotion called Progression. And he says that Triple H is great at seeing things in talent which nobody else sees, like Elias. Freddie and Mack try to remember when they first met. Wine was involved, and they can’t recall the specifics, but it was a decade ago – but Kieran is in She’s All That. Mack confirms that his demeanor in that film is the same as in real life; Freddie tells a tale of sneaking him into his trailer to play PlayStation games.

Yes, Freddie had a hackey sack double in She’s All That. This leads to a debate about which sports are real. (Wrestling, ironically, does not enter this discussion.)

Prinze and the Wolf is Freddie’s podcast with Josh Wolf, who invited him over Twitter, while he was doing a “high-walk” – live Tweeting his scary neighborhood while stoned. Everyone trades podcasting scheduling tips, and the pros and cons of pre-recording too many. Prinze and the Wolf is mostly about comedy, but they do a WWE Raw segment. And speaking of Raw, Freddie remembers when Vince told him to write for Rey Mysterio, because, “You’re Mexican, right?” He rolled with it, and recalls how he got over with Vince by helping Alberto del Rio get booed by a Mexican-American crowd.

The time-keeper is the heartbeat of every match you’ve ever loved, and Freddie goes into detail why, and how Billy Kidman is one of the very best.

Did Freddie ever want to be a comedian like his dad? Not only does he not, he never wants to even be on the same stage that his dad was once on, and will only do a podcast in a comedy club if it’s one his father didn’t perform in. He doesn’t think his father was a good father or husband, but once his own daughter was born, all the baggage went away, and only the good memories remain.

We’ve gone long enough without talking about Star Wars, but rather than start with Kanan, we go straight to Twitter trolls, and Freddie’s defense of Lucasfim’s Pablo Hidalgo. He takes a moment to directly address all the people who called him “racist against white people” over it, and pledges to ridicule them forever. Mack takes a bathroom break, which allows everyone to talk about “long leak” movie scenes.

Board games, video games, and every kind of games are loved by Freddie, and he has a Youtube gamer channel called Gegghead. Mack and Matt discuss favorite games, and how Mack tries to outthink the person who made the game rather than his opponents. Mack and Freddie recall their Warcraft days, and a mean little trick Mack played. “From that moment on, it was game on.”

They discuss the “Greatest Royal Rumble” from Saudi Arabia, to which Freddie says, ‘there was nothing in the ring but jetlag and dismay.” They do praise Chris Jericho for being a good dude, and talk about how, the older you get, the more you appreciate people who are nice, because you know how hard it is to be nice.

FINALLY they talk about Star Wars: Rebels…and how Freddie got the job because he was a nice guy. But that’s over quickly, as we get back to Call of Duty, and debate what the last good installment was. This veers into the specifics of pirate games, and how to do creative kills in them.

The Highlights:

8:20 Freddie gets lured back to wrestling by Low-Ki

15:30 Freddie meets Kieran Culkin on the set of She’s All That

27:35 Freddie gets Alberto Del Rio some heel heat, because he’s “Mexican”

47:10 Freddie gets lured into a false sense of security in Warcraft.

59:45 Freddie’s wild-ass schemes in Sea of Thieves

The Links:

-Here’s a little Freddie Prinze Sr. comedy:

-Matt’s McFarlane Toys Jaws poster is now worth up to $350.

-Freddie Prinze Jr. and Kieran Culkin in action together:

-The complete story of Freddie’s Star Wars character Kanan Jarrus.

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